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20% off Emergency Sale By Chelsea Lynn Designs

These saws are painted by Chelsea Lynn Designs are signed and dated. This saw is 8 inches in diameter and features a snowy farm scene. The entire shop is 20% this weekend only

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center Reason for Request for Funds We were alerted to a hoarding situation which was going really bad in Oil City LA. Over 30 potbellied pigs, 20+ dogs and 15 cats. We learned that many of the potbellied pigs had been taken to auction. None of the animals have ever been seen by a veterinarian and many are covered in mange. We immediately began to try and raise the funds needed and to start by having the people involved sign a release so we can remove all of the animals there. We have homes waiting for about 15 of the potbellied pigs and many of the dogs and cats after they have been spayed, neutered, blood tested, wormed and have the mange cleared up. We are moving forwarded with the hopes we will be able to raise all the needed funds. Work has begun on finding foster homes for the dogs & cats and a holding place for all the pigs while s/n and blood testing is done. We estimate that a total of twelve thousand three hundred dollars ($12,300.00) will be needed. If you can help with any part of the remaining balance, it would be much appreciated as it is desperately need to cover the balance of all vetting, pens and transportation to save all of these animals.

This Little Piggy Necklace

This is so cute. A vintage magnet turned necklace. I made it into a pendant and hung it from a 20" silver ball chain with a small black heart charm. Piggy is 2" x 2.5".Catch sneak peeks of upcoming product: Don't forget to visit her website: And be sure to check out her mom's etsy:

Little Orphan Hammies

Want to help piggies but cannot get a pig yourself? This is one of the best ways I can think of to help:
Lil Orphan Hammies has many piggys available for sponsorship. A contribution of $ 20. per month will feed and care for your piggy of choice. You will receive a certificate just like the one above (with your pig's picture on it) when you decide to sponsor and also a tee-shirt with a picture of your pig on it. This pig becomes "your" pig and you are welcome to come to LOH and visit her any time you wish. Bring her treats or a new blanket or just come by and hang out. Give out tummy rubs and share in the magic that is Lil Orphan Hammies Sanctuary. You are welcome to call or drop a line or email any time for an update on your pig. Consider giving a sponsorship as a gift. There is a long line-up of pigs needing that special someone… could that be you?To sponsor a pig please complete the form below, (If for any reason the form does not appear to be operating correctly. Please provide the following information)to email or phone 805-693-9953 and ask for Suey. visit:

Flowers in the garden Note Card by KristasKiln

I just love these cards very awesome
Beautiful flowers in full bloom. This 4 x 6 photo is mounted on a 5 x 7 white notecard which is blank inside for your own personal message and includes a matching envelope. The card easily doubles as a matted photo for framing in a 5 x 7 frame. It's like a card and gift in one!Due to differing settings on monitors this image may appear different from what appears on your screen. An original digital photograph. Photos are sold for personal use only.

Visit The Farm

Have you ever given a pig a belly rub…talked to a turkey…or kissed a cow? The critters at Farm Sanctuary love visitors as much as you will love our unique shelters.
Currently, Farm Sanctuary operates two shelters — a 175-acre farm in upstate New York and a 300-acre farm in northern California. Our shelters rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care for hundreds of animals who have been rescued from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. Here, the animals are given all the care and love needed to recover from a lifetime of abuse and neglect. All of the animals have nourishing food, spacious, clean barns, and acres of green, sunny pastures in which to roam.
When you walk through the pastures, you'll see frolicking calves, who once only knew pain and suffering in veal crates. As you enter the barns, you'll see pigs slumbering in soft straw — a tremendous change from a cold, filthy stockyard pen. Everywhere you look, you'll see animals who have suffered untold agony and cruelty. Only now, you'll witness these animals experiencing the joys of freedom for the first time in their lives.
At Farm Sanctuary, people see farm animals as living, feeling beings who are just as capable of suffering from isolation, fear and neglect as a dog or cat. Our "animal ambassadors" have a very special way of reaching and teaching people. So, if you know someone that loves animals, bring them to a Farm Sanctuary shelter…a very special place for farm animals and for the friends of farm animals.
Our shelters offer farm tours, overnight accommodations, retreats, and conferences. Please click on the links below to learn about the specific programs available at each location. Please Visit:


For those of you who are not familiar with Blockhead Radio it is the most STINKIN AWESOME group of people I have ever met. I advertise on Blockhed radio and have noticed
a HUUGGGGGEEEEEE increase in not only site traffic but sales.
This is a special deal on a block of impressions. You can purchase 5000 impressions and save some's that. We are only offering this deal for the 10 that are in the AF shop. After that it will be normal pricing.Blockhead Radio is all about Independence. We are an independent Internet radio station featuring music from the top rock/pop/jazz indie musicians and our talk shows are about independent artisans, family, and life. BHR uses a pop up player that you can launch and listen too while you work or surf the web. Chat is open 24/7 like the station. Please feel free to share links in chat but keep it kid friendly. What kind of reach does BHR have and why would would you benefit from advertising. BHR is an Internet radio station, so that means people all around the world can listen and do. Our top 5 countries are:1. United States2. Canada3. U.K.4. Israel5. Australia
Please check out this avrtising link and other at:

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This little PIggy Went To Market To Find a Good Home Giveaway is Closed

All right I want to say congrats to the winner and a big thank you to everyone who entered the blog giveaway. IF you did not win have no fear I am about to start another giveaway. I want to give a special thank you to Wilma, Pebbles, Rosie and the twins for picking the winner for this giveaway. The grand prize winner is Anna who wins the finger puppets. Franni, Janice, Mvegan, spark1919 and my7kids all win second place surprise prize these cute pig eggs (one per winner). if you would like to see other awesome stuff made by weeknit please visit:

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Little Piggy Went To Market To find a good home Blog Giveaway

Hello everyone I am so excited to be doing this. I this giveaway I wanted to show off a fellow artist Weeknit . Weeknit makes these awesome finger pupets ;8) Oink!
It is easy and I bet you are going to love and the puppets are so cute. The winner wil get a 4 peice set of finger puppets free I will pay shipping.
Now for the rules:
What you have to do to get a ticket is go to my blog and read a post then tell me what you liked about the post.
I need you to post the comment on this giveaway comment section, so I can find it.
You have to leave me some way to get back in touch with you if you win.
You can enter multiple comments about different post for more chances to win. Each comment gets you another chance to win.
You must really read the post and post a good comments please, because I am going to hide a extra chance to win in a couple of the post. I will be moving that extra chance to win from post to post. you will need to comment on b-day bash post when you find the extra chance to win and tell me what post you saw it on, and on what day, once the extra chance is moved you have missed your chance for that one.
If you purchase somthing from one of the etsy shops I have listed on my blog put that in the comments for another chance to win. You need to show me which item you purchased for this extra entery.
If you follow this blog you get another chance to win. You must tell me in the comment that you are following the blog just so I do not miss it.
I will pay to ship for the peppets to you if you are one of the winners.
How am I going to pick the winner you guys are going to love this. I am going to carve the numbers into apple and let the pigs pick the winners. We are going to try and get it on video for you to watch and also I am going to take pigtures. The piggers will be doing the drawing on April 25th.

Sweet Pink Pig Amigurumi Hat Boutique Crochet

I stumbled on this awesome artist while in chat room on etsy. Tell me this hat is not the cutest thing ever. Adorable Pink Pig hat custom made for you in any size. Hand made using 100% cotton yarn. ***Please note that all hats ordered for children under 13 will have crocheted eyes instead of buttons due to new child safety laws** Available in the following sizes:NewbornXS (0-6 months)S (6-18 months)M (18 months - 4 years)L (4-8 yrs)XL (Adult)*******. please visit:

Heartland Mini-Pet Feed (Maintenance Diet)

Developed specially for the pet pig. 12% protein. Low energy to restrict obesity. High in minerals and vitamins. High in fiber to satisfy animal's appetite. Additional vitamin E and selenium added. Available in 25 lb. or 50 lb. double-lined bags to assure and maintain quality. Acidification program added to aid in preventing re-occurring urinary tract infections. visit:

The Edge of the Road 20 by 30 Fine Art Photography print

Taken during twilight when the sun was low enough that there was still a glow in this bristling grouping of thin grass and weeds. The tread in the snow of another car spun out by the ice drew my eye to this place. That is my own car, a blue ford probe in the upper left corner. Mild vignetting and texture added in photo shop. This large 20 by 30 print is also available in smaller less expensive sizes, convo for details. visit:

Pot Belly Pig Training Treats

100% all natural treats for training or just because you love your pig. Green apple or Peanut Butter flavored. No sodium or sugar added. Dogs love them too!! visit:

Cord Crocheted Headband

I have really long hair and I cannot stand my hair in my face. I love these headbands.
Multicolored crocheted cord creates a sturdy headband. Comfort is most important for a headband, so I added an elastic band in the back. This headband should stay put, but not be tight.Vivid colors are striking.My original design. If you are interested in purchasing a pattern, please convo. Smoke free home studio. for more awesome crocheted items please visit:

So-Soft Plus

Topical spray for itchy, crusty and scaly skin. Relieves excessive itching. Contains Novasome and coal tar solution. Use as often as necessary. This product is awesome I use it on my pigs when they get dry and itchy skin. visit:

Soy Candle - Handcrafted Ceramic - Emerald Pear Scented

Soy Candle. This little pot is glazed in a gloss deep forest green with striking bursts of teal. It is filled with Emerald Pear fragrance, a very smooth and calming scent, just like a batch of freshly picked pears. Measures 2 inches high by 3.5 inches wide. All my pottery is hand made of earthenware clay, thrown on the wheel or hand built and embellished or textured, glazed and fired in my studio. All pieces are totally unique and one of a kind. My artisan quality, highly scented candles are made from 100% soy wax and hand poured, one at a time. Candles made from soy wax are a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles (paraffin being a petroleum-based product.) A cleaner burn, a cleaner world. Little by little, one light at a time. for more of these awesome candles please visit:

Pot Belly Pig Sunscreen

So I was once again sitting here asking myself what would I like to tell everyoen about this week. I start going through fellow pig websites and found the PBP sunscreen. I remeber the one time my pig vinny burnt himself really bad playing in the sun all day. I felt so bad for him. I had just stared learning about pigs and did not know they made such products. PBP Sunscreen is formulated with the maximum sunscreen available. When used daily before placing your pet pig(s) outside, PBP Sunscreen will protect their hair and skin from the sun's harmful bleaching rays. Also helps prevent staining from grass, urine, and manure. A Citronella scented formula makes for excellent use in fly-infested areas. for mor info on this product please visit:

Oceanic White Onyx Crystal Star

Dimensions: 3 inches by 3 inches from point to point.AKA: Star FishOnyx is associated with the Root Chakra. It assists with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away or personal energy and can be used for protection from such. Helps in Grounding and Contolling or Eliminating excess or unwanted energies. It has been used for wound healing, child birth, and to increase stamina and self control. White Onyx is associated in linking the base and crown chakras to have balances energy throughout the chakra system. Onyx is great for treating glaucoma, epilepsy, hearing problems, heart trouble, ulcers and cell damage. It is also recommend for athletes, who should wear it on a necklace that reaches the Solar Plexus to increase vigor, strength and stamina. I hand mounted this crystal on lovely black velvet for it's aesthetic beauty.A little about Jim - He is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over seven years experience. He is also a Crystal and Sound Healer. He prides himself on selecting amazing crystals and infuses his energy into them. Each piece of jewelry has a little story and becomes magical once you put it on.Enjoy the healing energy and beauty that nature has created. Please visit:

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Your Potbellied Pig’s Diet

Potbellied pigs are omnivores, so their natural diet in the wild would include roots, veggies, nuts, seeds, berries, worms, insects, raw eggs and other little critters. Of course, you can’t imitate this diet for your pig, but you can feed your pig a variety of healthy foods. It’s a good idea to feed pigs larger meals twice a day (breakfast and dinner) and healthy snacks throughout the day.
Recommended Foods. Your pig’s diet should contain a lot of veggies. Meals should consist of a
head of cut-up romaine lettuce along with a cup of veggies, plus pellets made specifically for miniature or potbellied pigs. Vary the veggies so the pigs don’t get bored with their meals and also get a variety of nutrients. Safe veggies include broccoli, cauliflower, lima beans, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, edamame, peppers and peeled zucchini. Don’t feed your pig too much broccoli or cauliflower, however, since they can cause bloating and gas. You might want to peel the zucchini (unless they are organic) because the skin has quite a bit of residual pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in it. In the winter, if you really want to pamper your pig, warm the veggies (you can even allow the lettuce to warm up a bit) so the pig isn’t eating cold food in cold weather. In the summer, if you live in a very hot climate, feed the pig cold lettuce and cold or slightly
frozen veggies. Limit veggies such as corn, carrots and peas; the high sugar content of these veggies can cause hyperactive and aggressive behavior. All veggies should have no added
sodium, so canned vegetables are not a good choice. Fresh or frozen are best. Include
commercially prepared potbellied pig pellets in the salads, but don’t feed the pig pellets
only, since such a restricted diet doesn’t supply the nutrients the pig needs to have
optimum health. Two or three times a week, you can also include eggs in the pig’s food.
Fruit can be offered as treats on occasion or included in meals, but only once in a while
because of the high sugar content. Unsalted almonds or popcorn make a wonderful
snack. Try mixing almonds and pellets and tossing them around the pig enclosure after
meals. This extends meal time and helps satisfy pigs’ innate desire to root. Of course,
they also get physical and mental stimulation while searching for the almonds and
pellets. Alfalfa hay is another good snack and it has plenty of fiber.
Recommended Supplements. Supplements can be used to encourage a strong
immune system and help the pig overcome a particular illness or disease. To allow
the pig’s body to adjust, start with small amounts of a supplement. Before giving a
supplement, check with a veterinarian experienced with potbellied pigs to verify that the
supplement will have no ill effects. Administer the supplement in small doses for two
weeks and watch the pig closely for changes of any kind. visit:

P.S. The pigture used is one of the original pigtures from the pigatopia book

Go Green Rubber Stamp by matdi123

This listing is for one brand new Go Green rubber stamp.This is the perfect stamp to use for your scrapbooks, greeting cards, embellishments, tags and anything else you can think of!Let everyone know that you care about the environment and want them to as well! for more of these awesome stamps please visit:

Polymer Clay Funky Roses by tachedesigns

Hand modeled polymer clay roses in Blue, Silver and Black by tachedesigns.You receive 2 full roses and 1 bud. The full roses measure approximately 28mm across and 20mm high (one is a little tighter than the other). The bud measures approximately 17mm across and 20mm high.Use the roses in your jewelry, art designs. They also have a 1/16" hole drilled side to side in case you wish to use them in a different application. To see these and otehr awesoem items made by this artist please visit:

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Hand-Crocheted Apple Cozy by UnravelMe

Dress your apple in style with this cute little apple cozy! Not only will everyone at the office notice your lunch, it will help keep your apple from bruising as well. Hand-Crocheted from my hands to yours in a bright blue 100% cotton with attached wood button.Measures approximately 4 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall, this fits an average sized apple. If you would like a larger cozy made, please convo me, thanks!Care Instructions: This cozy can be machine-washed on gentle cycle and dried on low heat, however, as with all cottons, it may shrink and fuzz up in the dryer just a tad, so I recommend laying flat to dry. for more awesome items by this artist please visit:

Elder-Aide GM For Stiff Pigs

For pigs that are suffering from: loss of memory, loss of hearing, poor muscle tone, un-thriftiness, alertness, arthritic conditions and general pain and discomfort.
We have combined ELDER-AIDE, GLUCOSAMINE, AND MSM, three of the best pain relief remedies available for pet pigs today, and established the best over-all pet pig pain product.
The first all-natural biological source of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, digestive bacteria, yeast culture, yucca shidigera extract, along with Glucosamine, and MSM, ELDER-AIDE-GM will provide significant relief, or totally eliminate stiff and painful joints, usually within 10 days.
Feeding Directions: Loading Period: Feed 3 scoops per day per 100 lbs. of body weight for two weeks. After two weeks, decrease the amount fed to 2 scoops per day, per 100 lbs. of body weight, and continue to feed for two weeks. After two weeks decrease the amount fed to one scoop per day, per 100 lbs. body weight, as a maintenance level. One (1) twelve (12) ounce container contains one-hundred 6.5 cc scoops of product. One 12 ounce container will provide product for approximately five weeks for a 100 pound pet pig.

Pet Pig Busy Balls

Pot belly pigs are highly inquisitive and intelligent. When they are in a small area or indoors during bad weather, winter or other reasons, they can get bored pretty quickly, or get lazy.
You do NOT want a bored pig! A bored pig is a mischievous pig!!!
The Pet Pig Busy Ball offers a great way for your pig to get exercise while keeping him occupied. Instead of putting the pig chow in his bowl put it in the Busy Ball and watch the fun begin.
And, the Busy Ball is virtually indestructible to a pet pig!!
You can pour small pig treats or food in the large opening at the top (click small pic on left to see larger picture) of the Busy Ball and when your pet pig rolls the ball around, food falls out of the smaller holes scattered around the ball. We have pointed two of these holes out in the larger picture.
These Pet Pig Busy Balls will keep your pet pig happy and thinking they are a pig in heaven when treats just continually pour out!
The Busy Balls are made to work with small treats, like pig chow, or something similar. If you want to increase the amount of food that falls out, you can add more "treat holes" if you like by drilling a few more holes in various areas, or you can increase the size of the existing holes.
Click on this link to see Ziggy playing with his Pet Pig Busy Ball
Busy Balls are about 9 1/2" in height. to purchase this pig busy ball please visit:

Spring Leaf Business Card Holder

Bright and fun and sure to bring more people to your business cards. This holder has a combination of fresh green leaves, blooming flowers and a cute little ladybug watching over it all. !!!!@@@ FREE SHIPPING@@@!!!! To see more of these awesome items please visit:

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What I like about Byhand

I have only had been a member of for 3 days now and I love it. There are so many awesome features to byhand. The spotlight is one of my favorite Fellow BHR Artwork This is the new spotlight I just uploaded to my blog.
When I first started byhand I was not sure how to function any part of the website so I sat down and went throught the site help a few times. I also watched an awesome video that shows you how to add pigtures to your blog. The video and the site help were very easy to follow. I felt very confident that I knew how to start my blog. When I was not sure how to do something I contacted soapdeli and she walked me through fixing the problem.
I feel very welcome on byhand I see so many other artist I know already all in one place. We are able to connect to each other and start clubs. This is a great feature. The other day when the BHR chat was not working we were able to go on to byhand's chat room. I had a blast there are so many cool smiley faces. and there is a chime on the chat room so when someone types something it lets you know. this allows you to mutitask.
I love the font size of the website it makes it easy to read. and I also I love that fellow byhand artist post get published on teh main page and scroll down as new post come out. This allows me to see blogs and post that I would normally see.
Byhand is a great place ;8)

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Blockhead Radio Arist Challenge

This week I am featured in the candles/soap section: please come vote. Every week 60 different artisans face off in 12 different categories to see who has the best handmade item. The weekly challenge is the previous weeks winners in each category. The winner of the weekly challenge will receive an audio commercial with banner the following week on BHR. The winner is decided by you. So launch a player and get your votes in.

Oreo wishes everyone a wonderful Spring

It is eight years ago this Easter that Ranger the pig literally found us by showing up in the pasture with our horses. Thanks to his amazing intelligence and good nature and the many amazing people that we have met through him - many many lives have been saved and much suffering averted. In these past three months almost ninety animals have been saved through the networking and efforts of a compassionate and generous community of animal lovers. Updates on the animals from their forever homes let us know that it has all been worthwhile. The faces of those still with us confirm that without a shadow of a doubt. Ron will deliver five of the young female farm pigs to Cindy McCoy in New York on Monday - along with two fellow traveler pigs from Florida on their way to the Tusk and Bristle. We are really about ready to get back to our previous busy lives and enjoy this sunny and warm weather. It is our sincere hope that each of you do the same and we look forward to sharing more good news as the rescues culminate and all of the animals are in their forever homes. This is a time to celebrate all of life and especially those that were saved through the generosity and kindness of so many people who came through for them when it counted. Thanks to you - these new babies that bless us will never know anything but compassion and kindness. As the blossoms cover our cherry and redbud trees here - the horrible memories of what we witnessed this winter begins to fade for us and the clucking of the hens and the antics of the baby goats are what we remember as we close our eyes each night.

Sugar Rain Drops

Pony stickers with candy pendant filled with resin and backed with real sprinkles.*all pendants come with a ball chain*♥All corners have been dremeled down and then also hand sanded.I've also hand polished them for extra shine and sparkle.My pieces are never sticker or tacky. :]

visit :

Yoda and Dot Com Go To School

Our first therapeutic riding session took place on Saturday and Yoda - Dot Com- and Snigglets were eager participants. Their stories were told to the girls who were all the victims of abuse. It was a powerful lesson in sanctuary and healing for the children. Thanks to a generous benefactor - they have a little barn to call their own now but it is not quite ready for them to move into. In the mean time - they are enjoying being in the lime light. Some of our greatest pleasures come from the elderly pigs that have come to reside here. There is no way to explain the peace that comes from spending time with them. My wish for everyone is that there is a Yoda or Dot Com in your life.

Dayzee Love

These beautiful delicate skeleton leaves stand out against the purple background of this ring to really enhance the colour of the leaf. They have a real feel of nature. The glass in front is a 3/4 inch cabochon that just helps them shine that little bit more creating very pretty and eye catching rings. The purple backing is made from re-cycled sweet wrappers so enhancing the creative process much more! :) This silver adjustable ring band is 2.8mm wide and adjusts to fit most sizes. This is available in the following colors: red purple pink green orange. These unique looking rings make a perfect gift for someone else or even to yourself if you deserve it! ;P Each ring will be completely unique as every skeleton leaf is different in every detail. for more info on these awesome earrings please visit:

Mission Accomplished

When we would drive to the foster farm to visit with the rescued animals from the cruelty and abuse seizure in King George County, a variety of animals would endear themselves to us as we drove up. First we would see Paddy and Buddy a pair of potbelly pigs run down the fenceline and bark as pigs can do. Then they would race with the car in pure delight at being alive and unencumbered little pigs without a care in the world. As you would pull into the parking area Alfie the pig would run to the top of the porch stairs and then hurry to greet you at the gate with his little tail a wagging.
Getting to know these precious little souls and knowing that their home was soon to be gone very difficult for us. The woman charged with their care was not able to make provisions for their welfare and the bank had given the order that they were to be seized by Animal Control and disposed of on the day of eviction. The two gentle farm pigs were to be butchered and their meat given to the needy of the community. That is what we were faced with but not given any control over. Finally on the weekend before the eviction we got word that most of the animals would be released to us. Curtis and Ron worked all day in the cold rain to make chutes and ramps to load the large and small pigs into two trailers. Cory Fisher and I worked along Karen Flynn and Samantha Whitesides from the Humane Society to crate those that were social enough to be moved in that fashion.
As darkness approached we headed home for yet another late night of feeding and accommodating new friends. On Sunday Ron drove 14 pigs to Knoxville for spays and vet work. Eleven would remain in Tennessee to be re-homed at a pig sanctuary. On Monday Ron and I loaded up the remaining 13 pigs to go to a foster home that would provide food and care for them while their legal owner tried to come up with a plan to keep and properly care for them.
When Tuesday morning arrived all the bank wanted to know was if all the pigs were out. They were all 38 of them plus a goat. What had once seemed impossible had happened. It was not easy but it was done. We could not have done it without the help and cooperation of the wonderful Culpeper Humane Society. In their eyes all animals are worthy of rescue. The Catskills Sanctuary in New York has offered to give homes to the two farm pigs and they await transport at the beautiful farm of the Sounders. Please note in the picture that the pigs were marked with harmless scarlet oil on their bristles to assure that they stayed in their family groups and received the correct medical procedures. They all did!


Butterfly in Red painted by artist Rita Squier. A beautiful, expressive and simplistic butterfly.• Size: 5" x 7"• 140 lb. Cold Pressed Archival Watercolor Paper• MaimeriBlu Superior Artist Quality Watercolor Paint• Signed & Dated on the Front R.A. Squier, Titled on the Back. I like this painting, to check out more of these awesome paintings please visit:

Lack of proper hoof care leads to this

Update on Elderly Pigs Caught in Foreclosure.
The first pigs that we took out of the foreclosed farm were the oldest ones that were in dire need of vet care. Two are blind and two had feet which kept them from walkling. We had the vet out to trim the hooves . Although their feet now look like any other pig - Dot Com had been unable to walk for so long that her front legs formed contractures and now her knees will not bend. She will never walk again. This is heartbreaking news but she is now pampered and her life is made as comfortable as possible. Her Aunt Rose would like to outfit her with a cart to get around in and this is something that will be explored. If you know of a pig that has beniffited from this please let us know: or

Little Bo Peep Knits

Check out the awesome colors in this yarn, and they are so soft. This worsted weight yarn is a combination of two superfine luxury fibers, alpaca and merino wool. The alpaca makes this yarn buttery soft with a silky luster and the merino provides stability and elasticity without sacrificing softness. This yarn is 50% superfine alpaca and 50% merino wool."Princess" was dyed with professional acid dyes and steam set. It features shades of pink, lavender and natural. The inspiration for this colorway was my sweet princess who's favorite colors are pink and purple. :) for more of these awesome yarns plese visit:

Spring Welcomes Harmony Piglets

In early January,-Nosy felt her babies growing inside of her as she probably had many times before on the little farm of horrors. If they managed to survive the deadly deep mud lack of shelter from the element and lack of food they would be torn away from her and butchered.
Nosey and her 16 piggy friends were rescued but what of these little lives growing inside of her. When we took the female pigs down to the University of Tennessee to be spayed and readied for adoption we found that Nosey was pregnant. Nosey refused to give in to any idea of losing her piglets and we were in the very difficult decision of going ahead with the spay which would be dangerous for Nosy and lethal to her piglets or bringing them into a world where we had no place for them to go. Where could we possibly find homes for up to 12 more innocent lives. At that point in time - we hadnt even been able to find homes for all of the ones that we had yet.
That is when Lisa O-Neill of Harmony Sanctuary read an alert put out by Farm Sanctuary and contacted us. The Masons and great folks at Harmony not only agreed to adopt Malcolm and Bethany and Nosey but to let Nosey have her piglets there AND were excited about the prospect. Harmony shares in our belief that these animals are not put here for our consumption and the mission of humane and compassionate education. for more please visit:

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Run With The Big Dogs - Tampa Bay Joker Run

This is the "Run With The Big Dogs Poker Run.
Basically, a poker run is a fund-raising event patterned after the card game of poker and is generally held by motorcyclists, however, any vehicle-based organization can hold a poker run.
Instead of sitting down at a table and having the cards dealt by a dealer, the participants travel to five different locations or stops to draw their cards. Poker run organizers usually develop a unique or scenic route to each of the stops and the run normally takes 2-4 hours to complete. At each stop, participants draw a single card and then travel to the next location, eventually building their complete poker "hand."
Here's how it works:
Participants initially register at a specific location where they purchase one or more blank tally sheets used to record the cards they'll draw at each stop. The participants then take their tally sheet(s) to the first card stop where a volunteer has a container filled with a single deck of loose playing cards. Participants stir the cards and draw one card for each tally sheet they purchased. The volunteers observe the card(s) drawn by the participants, annotate the tally sheet(s) with the appropriate card information, and the participants proceeds to the next card stop with their tally sheet.
After drawing their fifth card at the final stop, the participants give their tally sheets to other volunteers who will score the sheets and determine the winning hands. Prizes are normally given to the top three hands and also to the worst hand drawn by participants in the poker run.
And now you know what we mean by a "Poker Run!"
I am going to have abooth set up at this event with Gena This is the first time I have ever been set up at any event so I am nervious to say the least. If you are in the area please come on out and show your support.

Tangled Forest

These sensual leg warmers were made with two shades of green that I wove together which gives it a richer look and feel. The trim along the top and on the sides are made of burgundy and creme which I also wove. Three antique buttons accent the inside of each leg warmer. They are amazingly soft and warm! The backs are laced with a corset design with a thick burgundy and creme crochet rope. The corset design allows it to fit any leg, or can be doubled as hot arm warmers. They are super comfortable and easy to wear , unlike other leg warmers these are designed to fit you perfectly. They won't stretch out and fall down so you won't have to tug on them ever. Visit:


I just love these earrings. They have sucha beautiful spectrum of greens. A flower and feather arrangement on the top part of the earring. Very unique for sure. Please check out this shop for more awesome handmade art:

Popular Pot Belly Pig Product

Deodorase is derived from the yucca plant and absorbs the amonia smells from the urine and feces.
Simply by adding one small scoop a day to a Pot Belly Pig's feed ration.
Yes, it really works!
Feed to your pet pig as a top dressing for control of ammonia odor in urine and feces.
Natural sarsaponin is obtained by extracting and stabilizing ingredients in the Yucca plant.
Sarsaponin works to control ammonia odor by stimulating bacterial use of ammonia while speeding waste breakdown.
Outstanding success in controlling odor in litter boxes and pens of pot bellied pigs. Visit:


Cootiepants began making these receiving blankets for her son since the Alaska weather calls for some type of blanket for most of the year. Her receiving blankets are made from one layer of 100% cotton flannel and are lightweight yet warm and much larger than the standard size blanket you will find at most stores. This blanket is 35.5 x 38.5 inches and has a cute bunnies and chicks pastel print with squared corners and a pink rolled hem edge to prevent fraying. Perfect for that little Easter Baby! To see more of these awesome items please visit:

New Arrivals

Going once, going twice! Gone! Sold to Rooterville for 10 CENTS! Rooterville Website It was the first auction we attended at Marion County Animal Control. We had been alerted that a female pot bellied pig, 35lbs, was to be sold to the highest bidder. This is the way that Marion County disposes of farm animals that end up there. When the bidding started, the 35lb pig was really about 135lbs! We sure don't need any more pigs, but we didn't want to leave her there in that tiny, hot pen. She was in there with a pitiful looking old boar who had been auctioned the previous week and purchased for 25 CENTS by an employee who was doing the right thing and trying to find him a home. He looked miserable. He is going to stay at Kindred Spirits where he will live out his last years in peace and get some care for his severe arthritis. His new name is Popeye.The female pig came home with us and she'll be going in for a spay soon. She needs a name, so if you'd like to name her, please send your suggestions! BABIES! The little babies you see in the album were born to a rescued sow at Kindred Spirits and they are here getting tame so that they can find a home. The parents are the tiniest pigs we've ever seen so these babies will stay very small. (Its nice to be able to say that for a change! ) So, if you know anyone who would love a little house piggy, please get in touch with us! They are spayed/neutered and ready to go. The suggested adoption fee for them is $295. You can see more of our adoptable piggies by following the link to Petfinder. Of course, if you can't have a piggy where you live, you can sponsor one for a suggested donation of only $25 per month. Such a small amount to make such a big difference in the life of a precious porker! Adoptable Piggies

Acrylic And Steel

One bib, two sides. I dig reversible... One side is dusty rose with a floral applique and the other side is covered in a sweet treat print with cupcakes and cake. It fits my 18 1/2 lb 4 month old. This is a great baby shower gift, sure to inspire cupcake cravings in the mother to be. The back has a snap closure. Please visit:

Lots of Volunteer Opportunities this Month AND an Easter Egg Hunt for the piggies!

Save the dates! April 4th we'll be working on planting the garden and various chores around the sanctuary. There are lots of piggies who would appreciate a belly rub too, if that's what you like to do. April 11th EASTER EGG HUNT for the piggies! Our lovely hens lay about 3 dozen eggs a day, that's alot of eggs! So, we had a great idea, let's have an Easter Egg Hunt for the piggies! We'll boil up the eggs and let volunteers spread them around the pasture at 9:30 AM. At 10:30AM, we'll let the piggies loose to see who can find and scarf down the most eggs. This should be fun! Please join us for a fun day at the Sanctuary. Event will be from 9:30AM until Noon. Event is free, but donations would be appreciated. T-shirts will be available for purchase. Bring your camera!
April 18th we'll be getting the old and special needs piggies houses ready for the warm weather and do some general cleanup. Volunteer days are from 9AM til Noon, and a vegan lunch will be provided from Noon til 1PM. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes. RSVP's are appreciated! Email or call 352-495-7473. Please park at an angle facing the woods so no one gets blocked in. The address : 15516 SW 149th Place, Archer, FL 32618If you would like to come out and help at other times, please contact us for an appointment. Regular volunteers are needed to help with daily chores (like feeding the animals) and other special projects. Please get involved! Rooterville Website


A whimsical pair of earrings, and one of my personal favorite in this collection. These feature an elephant in great detail, topped by a blue glass bead with darker blue spots. Any elephant lover needs these! And even if you aren't an elephant lover, I've heard these earrings can help you with your memory (An elephant never forgets!!!) However, this has never been proven. Sterling silver plated ear wires!!! For more awesome items by this artist please visit: