Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jungle Mini Quilt by Sewhappydesign

I just love this awesome item: Sewhappy made a jungle quilt with this fabric for a little baby named Noah. I loved the fabric and have few pieces left, but enough to make this little lovely. It’s big enough to cover a little one, but small enough for him/her to drag around. The back of the quilt has fun monkeys, making it reversible.The quilt front and back are a soft pre-washed cotton flannel fabric. The inside is a low-loft poly batting that gives it the look of a mini comforter. It measures 23” x 27” and would be perfect for a stroller or car seat.My children loved having a little satin ribbon on their quilts to rub as they fell asleep. I have added a soft gold ribbon near the top for just that purpose.Don’t be mistaken on the size, this is a sturdy wash and dry quilt. To see more of these awesome items please visit :

Come Join Us On Artfire

Artfire is a new and awesome way to sell your wares. Artfire is running a deal get a acct now and lock in the $12.00 a month for life. This is a awesome deal you pay $12.00 no matter how much you list or how much you sell. Why should you get an artfire acct now you might be wondering well that is because artfire will soon be raising the monthly fee to $20.00 a month. to find out more about this dea or register for an artfire shop please check out this link or copy and paste it:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charlie Pig Giveaway have ended here are the winners get ready here comes the next giveaway

Pebbles pig seen in this pigture picked the first winner : nfmgirl. she is the grand prize winner.

Now for the fun part I have let the piggers pick a couple more winners for the extra prizes hehe.

okay here is the extar winners. they were drawn by mama and the twins. what I am giveing away to these 3 winners are one gets a an original "Heart" card made by kathy Morton-stanion. and I am giving away 2 of my aceo art print never before released to the public "July Pigs in Blanket" the heart winner is pink flamingo. The next winner is of july pig is the lovelyteaspoon. and the last winner is patsdesign. I want to thank everyone for entering I am about to add the new giveaway so if you did not win this time keep trying.

A Sock Monkey Named James by Mamas Little Monkeys

I'd like you to meet James. James is a nice little sock monkey who enjoys lounging in the grass, jumping on the trampoline and hanging out with Mrs. Monkey.James has a fun little crooked smile, crazy yarn hair and is approx. 14 inches tall. James is both machine and hand sewn and although there are no plastic or metal parts on James the Sock Monkey, due to the yarn hair that is hand sewn on, it is not advised this monkey be given to children under the age of 3. All my monkeys are unique, even if the same pair of socks are used!! Each monkey takes on it's own personality as I make them!Thank you and have a great day!!**This monkey is named for James/Closet Creature from Please go check out his lovely wife's shop!!** for more aweome stuff made by mamaslittlemonkeys please visit:

Swine Flu Song

okay I had to show everybody this please watch the video it is funny.

Unique shrug RED BLACK IVORY by bolayla

Unique design for precious ladies.Handmade knit-crochet shrug is red-black-ivory.This bolero-shrug is one of my most popular designs. You will get many compliments wearing it.Red bolero will put you in a happy mood just by wearing it.It is made by a wonderful soft yarn.Handmade with great care, in a smoke-free, pet-free home. Never been worn. One size will fit, S and M.You'll love much wearing it. BUY 3 ITEMS SHIPPING FREE::

For more of this awesome artist stuff please visit:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on Noahs ark surgeries this year - noahs ark pbp sanctuary

Surgeries this year...........Mary Jane was spayed and wound up doing awful........thought I was going to lose her but she rallied and is doing fine now. Leila was spayed also and had multiple problems..........had to have Vit. K injections.......was tough going but she is doing fine also.
Hannibal had to have surgery under his chin for a MASSIVE abcess that I could not cut open was a nasty mess. Dr. Kennedy brought me out a big bowl of goop that looked like raw hamburger..........yuk. He is still not out of the woods and then Jake.........with his surgery . He is doing the best and the quickest recovery of them all. I cannot imagine the pain he was in. Kennedy took the x-rays. This is when he found the bone growing to where he was biting on is a wonder he ate at all........ He seems to be enjoying life so much more now. I have been to the vets every week now for over a month in a row. Next Tues. Daisy Charlene has to go in for some wicked nasty sores on her that crust over and then start bleeding.......... No telling what that will be....... if you would like to help them please visit:


This is an original oil painting on canvas that is 24"h x 36"w. The frame is traditional wood with a light oak stain. I work utilizing traditional painting techniques which involves an underpainting and progressively thicker layers of oil with drying time between. for more awesome work by this artist please visit:

Oil City Rescue Update

When we got the email from Tracy McDaniel and Pepper, we knew it would take a miracle to save these pigs in Oil City, Louisanna. Tracy and Pepper jumped right in and soon other volunteers jumped in to help. I put the word out to our groups that not only volunteers was needed but we needed funds. With the economy the way it is, we were turned down on all but one grant that we wrote for. It was enough to cover all the neutering and transport. Tracy and Steve bought food and pools and others picked up plywood and other needed materials.Then Tracy and Steve decided to go and help to round them up. Then the second surprise came when they decided to go back and help with the hauling. What troopers they were. Pepper and Kelly took care of the everyday feeding and watering until the pigs could be vetted and blood testing done. Then came the big transport days. We found homes for 6 in Cave Springs, GA and 4 more found a home with a gal named Heather in GA. Kim Pohle said she would take and help place any we didn't find homes for. Elaine and Dale West of Rooterville agreed to take and place 10. Even the veterinarian's assistant took one of the sows that delivered five babies the day they began their journey. This could never have happened without all of them jumping in to help. One little guy had a penis problem and Dr. Joan Poster of CT. decided to take him and do some surgery on him and give him a forever home with her and her family.We owe a big thank you to all of the following people who helped one way or the other. for more info about this please visit:


This is a set of 5 stitch markers in the Scepter Design. These stitch markers are made with all metal (Silver color) and glass parts (Lt. Blue glass faceted beads). Made with lever back earings, so they can be worn as earrings or used while knitting or crocheting your favorite projects. All our Dual Use stitch markers can be used on needles up to size 10.5 US. Each set of our Dual Use Stitch Markers comes in a small tin, great for giving as a gift, and for storing them in. for more please visit:

Blockhead Radio Charity Box & Blog

The concept behind Blockhead Radio has always been "Artisan for Artisan". In fact, our humble beginnings were launched with a show of that name. Here at Blockhead Radio we constantly strive to build a community that will benefit all the independent artisans out there.Blockhead Radio seeks to help the independent artisans in many aspects. Whether it be marketing strategies that an artisan can employ, a venue to get some feedback, or a support system when life seems to go a bit awry. We often have situations brought to our attention where an artisan and/or their family have been affected by some obstacle. Our hearts and warm wishes are the first things that are extended, but often we find ourselves wanting to provide more to help alleviate their heavy hearts.Thus, the concept of the Blockhead Radio Charity Sampler Box was born: from many touching stories of artisans where our warm wishes and prayers somehow did not seem like enough.All net proceeds from the sales of the BHR Charity Sampler Box will be used in two ways.1) To give support to the many teams and groups who are putting time and effort into garnering awareness for charities. Every month, half of the net proceeds made from the sale of the BHR Charity Sampler Box will be donated to a chosen team or group's charity. A committee of 5 people will make this decision.2) To raise proceeds to establish a charity whose sole purpose will be geared towards providing support and/or relief to artisans in need. Half of the net proceeds made from the sale of the BHR Charity Sampler Box will be used to help establish this charity. A committee of 5 people will make this decision as well. No part of BHR management will be involved in this decision.With the advent of the BHR Charity Sampler Box we are accomplishing two driving ideals behind Blockhead Radio: giving back through charity and exposing independent artisans to the world. Let's show the world that the independent artisan community has just as much heart and clout as those big corporations. We know we have more heart and generally it is handmade which means it is all the more invaluable! Visit BHR for more! or

WHEN PIGS FLY by auntifranni

Never say never! This flying pig is clearly relishing the journey into the impossible, with a flight cap and goggles on its head and a big grin on its snout. for more of these awesome items please visit :

PLEASE HELP sign petition for PBP in zoning battle‏. Pig named clover

I little pigger named Clover in NC needs your help now. He is about to loss his home because of a zoning battle. his b-day was the other day please help give him an awesome b-day present of getting to stay in his home. is the link that you can not only learn more about this wonderful pigger and hopefully sign the petition.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am new to so I was lookign around and found this fellow artist: I instantly feel in love with this print. so I got 3 of them. 1 I am keepng for myself. 1 I will be selling to help a aniaml rescue in need. and the 3rd one I have decided I will be giving away in this months blog giveaway. The winner is going to love this print. I love mine. ;8) it is even matted for you already. This print is also going to come with a certificate of authenticity. of course there will be a bonus prize as with all my giveaway but you have to wait until the end of the giveaway to see what it is.

The artist inspiration for this painting is: she once owned a pig named Charlie. ;8) Oink

Now for the rules:
Fellow artist please enter your shop links in the comments section ;8)
What you have to do to get a ticket is go to my blog and read a post then tell me what you liked about the post.I need you to post the comment on this giveaway comment section, so I can find it. You have to leave me some way to get back in touch with you if you win.You can enter multiple comments about different post for more chances to win. Each comment gets you another chance to win.You must really read the post and post a good comments please, because I am going to hide a extra chance to win in a couple of the post. I will be moving that extra chance to win from post to post. you will need to comment on THIS GIVEAWAY post when you find the extra chance to win and tell me what post you saw it on, and on what day, once the extra chance is moved you have missed your chance for that one. If you purchase somthing from one of the etsy shops I have listed on my blog put that in the comments for another chance to win. You need to show me which item you purchased for this extra entery. If you follow this blog you get another chance to win. You must tell me in the comment that you are following the blog just so I do not miss it. I will pay to ship the Charlie print to you if you are one of the winners.
How am I going to pick the winner you guys are going to love this. I am going to carve the numbers into apple and let the pigs pick the winners. We are going to try and get it on video for you to watch and also I am going to take pigtures. The piggers will be doing the drawing on May 21 please check out this fellow artist shop and show support:

PIRATE LOVIE RAG QUILT - by- lovetostamp

This adorable little quilt is the perfect size to snuggle with but not to big that he can't carry it. This quilt is made with the safest flannel I have ever felt. The fronts are a red pirate theme, a brown pirate theme, and lovely water blue. The back is a nice brown flannel. I used batting in between the layers!I did wash in an all natural cleaner, that is safe for all skin types, to start the ragging process.Quilt is 18inX22.5inAnother great use for this little quilt is to cover up the little ones in car seats during the winter. Perfect size to tuck in the little baby in the car seat or put over a toddlers legs. for more of these awesome blankets and other stuff please visit :

AWBAR's Shop Announcement SHOP CLOSING

SHOP CLOSING* SHOP CLOSING* SHOP CLOSING *SHOP CLOSING*****The AWBAR shop, will be closing. We have some new ideas! So please visit PLEASE take 50 EVERYTHING in the AWBAR shop! The AWBAR shop will be closed on Wednesday May 27 2009! EVERYTHING must go!!!!!! Still with all sales minus, etsy, and shipping costs to the animals at our shelter! if you would like to help please visit:

Post It Notes - by - Pampered Papier

This is a Post It Note Set made with a ice cream themed scrapbook paper. The post it note holder measures 4 x 4 and is covered with acid and lignin free scrapbook paper. Included is a 100 sheet post it note pad. The set includes a matching black pen.This would make a great gift for anyone. for more awesome items by this artist please visit:

A better world through kindness to animals - by- best friends

A better world through kindness to animals Best Friends Animal Society is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us. In the late 1980s, when Best Friends was in its early days, roughly 17 million dogs and cats were being killed in shelters every year. Despite the commitment of shelter workers to the animals in their care, the conventional belief was that little could be done to lower that terrible number.
Get Involved with Best Friends
Stay up to date (e-mail sign up)
Visit Best Friends
Join the Network
Best Friends' No More Homeless Pets campaign created a new vision: A grassroots effort to place dogs and cats who were considered "unadoptable" into good homes, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets through effective spay and neuter programs. Since then, the number of dogs and cats being destroyed in shelters has fallen to approximately 5 million a year. There has been much progress,but there is still much more to do. The next phase of this work – bringing the number down to essentially zero – will take more work and some bold new initiatives. Shelters are crowded with pit bulls, dogs abandoned after being bought from pet stores, stray cats rounded up on the streets and not looking their very best when they’re brought in, and other pets abandoned or neglected. As the flagship of a grassroots network of people and organizations that care about animals, Best Friends continues to lead the way towards this future. And that's why our purpose remains: A better world through kindness to animals.
for more info on this wonderful place please visit:

Vintage Match Box - ArtBoxDesigns

Cute as can be! This vintage match box hold stick matches to light the kitchen stove.The fox so adorable with his red bow around his neck. This box stands 6 inches high.Made of Tin painted green and red with gold trim. visit:

Custom Made Shoes by Miss Malarky

Considering these have been my most popular, I figured I'd make a custom listing.The shoes have a velvet ribbon trim and a bow in the color of your choice in the front or back. Velvet ribbon colors (the "trim"):blackredpinkThe rest of the shoe can be any colors you want!After you buy, convo me with your shoe size, the style of the shoe, the trim color and design you'd like.We can work together on a design or you can give me a general idea with colors and I can have fun from there. The pictures listed are shoes that I have done in the past to give you an idea, but I will not duplicate a design. please visit:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I LOve These Awesome Soaps by agoodwitchtoo

A moisturizing and lathering bar of handmade soap created in small batch quantities to ensure quality. I invite you to wash the “wicked” away!The first time a goat's milk soap has been offered here at the Copper Cauldron! This cocoa will drive you loco! But it is sooo much more... Chocolate lightly underscored with a citrusy fusion of orange, lemon, bergamot, and mandarin. But wait... there's more! Also includes the scents of vanilla, hazelnut, and musk. This soap produces a luxurious and creamy lather. please visit:

The White Pig Bed And Breakfast

We welcome you to The White Pig Bed and Breakfast at Briar Creek Farm; a vegan retreat Schuyler, best known as the childhood home of author Earl Hamner, and inspiration for the television series The Walton's, is a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The White Pig Bed and Breakfast allows guests to escape to a peaceful, compassionate environment and commune with nature. We've created a place where people can come and enjoy healthy vegan meals, delight in some quiet meditative time and visit with our animal friends both domestic and wild. We look forward to your visit! As you enter the gate, ride up the long, winding drive and over the Briar Creek, you enter a world of peace and tranquility. You are now at Briar Creek Farm, a beautiful 170 acre, century old tree farm with a lovely natural pond, babbling creek, and acres of meadows and forests. The Briar Creek Farm is mostly wooded and untouched, creating a sanctuary -like environment for the birds and other wildlife that inhabit the area. Since the farm seems to be encapsulated in time, things are virtually the same as they were over 100 years ago. Treading lightly on the land, quiet walking paths have been created for our guests to catch a glimpse of the numerous birds, plants and wildlife that call Briar Creek Farm their home. The Briar Creek Farm is also home to our precious miniature pot-bellied pigs, three dogs and two cats. While visiting you can give a pig a belly rub or just enjoy some time watching the pigs meander through the fields. Perched high on top a foothill, The White Pig Bed and Breakfast overlooks some of the farm's meadows, mature forest and distant views of Appleberry Mountain and the famed Walton's Mountain. The innkeepers are only the third family to own the late 1800's home that is now The White Pig Bed and Breakfast. Chef Dina, a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Cookery School in Manhattan, prepares breakfast. The meals are healthy vegan dishes and organic when available. Vegan bag lunches and dinners are available to guests with prior notice.As you enter the gate, ride up the long, winding drive and over the Briar Creek, you enter a world of peace and tranquility. You are now at Briar Creek Farm, home of The White Pig Sanctuary. The White Pig Sanctuary is a 170 beautiful acres, which includes a lovely natural pond, babbling creek, and acres of meadows and forests.

The White Pig Sanctuary (a private sanctuary) was set up to house our herd of rescued miniature pot bellied pigs. At present, they enjoy heated and cooled barns, a 5-acre pasture with trees, pasture, and seasonal creek. Income from the inn supports the pigs by providing them with feed, necessary medical care, and medicines. We are a private sanctuary and rely solely on the success of the bed and breakfast to support the sanctuary. It also provides necessary funding that protects the countless wildlife that call Briar Creek Farm their home and protects their land from development and sport hunting.
The balance of the sanctuary is mostly wooded and untouched, allowing for the remaining part of the farm to serve as a wildlife sanctuary for the birds and other wildlife (deer, turkey, fox, bobcat, possum, raccoon, beaver, black bear) that inhabit the area.
Since the farm seems to be encapsulated in time, things are virtually the same as they were over 100 years ago. Treading lightly on the land, quiet walking paths have been created for our guests to catch a glimpse of the numerous birds, plants and wildlife that call Briar Creek Farm their home.
The Briar Creek Farm is also home to our three rescued dogs and our four rescued cats.


This listing for instructions with full color pictures on how to make the European 6-in-1 ChainMaille Bracelet.
Chainmaillelady can make you awesome chain mail products or you can vuy everything you need from her shop. Please check it out:

Pigs In Action - Provided by - Hearts On Noses

Pigs love to get into things that may not belong to them !

Pigs like to find a nice spot tolay in the sun
Heart on Noses adopts pigs to approved homes.
sometimes what they really need is good foster homes or volenteers. There are so many ways you can help


This is to cute here is what rockchic said about this dress.
This is a "Queen of Hearts" Costume Rocker made for Halloween. You can have me make a costume like this for you or you and I can brainstorm and come up with something similar yet different. This is made from all cotton fabrics... and tulle. There is a zipper in the back, a sewn in slip with tulle to puff out the dress, the top layer of skirt, with the drape, and a reversible, removable sash..also....Gauntlet sleeves, a wand made of cards, and a "crown" (hair band) covered with tulle, cards and ribbon... If you like this style but would prefer it in a Flower Girl Dress made of different fabrics... I can do that too...The price listed is for this exact dress with no changes.... If you would like to change things around, add this... take away that, or change fabrics... please let me know ahead of time... I will get prices together and get an estimate for you...There is a 10 day turn around for this dress. Please visit :

What does it take to be a good pig paernt - provided by - Noah's ark PBP Sanctuary

Pig Parenting :Parenting requires knowledge and commitment. This is true whether the person is raising children or caring for pets. Being a pig parent is no different. The successful pig parent is one that understands the unique characteristics of the pig and is willing to make the effort and commitment to be a good pig parent. Pigs require outside time to be a pig. Pigs root, but can be trained to use a certain area of the yard, or to use a “rooting box” to satisfy their urge to root. Pigs are ranked 4th in intelligence of all animals, and are easily halter and lead trained. Probably the most important fact to realize is that pigs grow until they are about 3½ or 4 years old, and no honest person can guarantee the weight of an adult pig. Weight averages for adult pigs range from 90-150 pounds, and some pigs even top 200 pounds. Adult potbellied pigs are generally about 18 inches high.
When maintained on a proper diet (grain-based without meat by-products), the pig has no body odor and the pig's waste is odorless. It is commonly said that parenting a pet pig is like parenting an inquisitive two-year old - one that will remain so for ten to fifteen years. Pigs are also inquisitive and need toys, games, and training to keep them stimulated. The pig parent must “childproof” their house, installing childproof drawer locks on lower drawers, making sure that doors are closed and that food and harmful things are kept out of reach. For example, a pig parent recently forgot to make sure the garage door was fully closed and discovered that her pig was missing. She found the pig, and what was left of her five pound bag of potatoes in the garage.
The issue of food:
Pigs will eat just about anything. That's where the expression, “eats like a pig,” comes from! Unlike cats, who generally will stop eating when they are full,
A pig will eat itself sick. It will also, if given the opportunity, eat things that are harmful to the pig, even fatal. The proper pig parent will feed their pig a potbellied pig food, or, if not available, a hog, rabbit, horse, or other grain-based feed with no more that 14% protein. Generally, piglets under 3 months old should get ½ to 1 cup of feed a day, and older pigs 1 ½ to 2 cups a day. This amount should be divided into a morning and evening feeding. Unless the pig spends the day grazing in the yard, the diet should be supplemented with fruit and leafy vegetables. (Avoid peas, potatoes, corn, and other starchy vegetables that are fattening. Also limit fruit because of the natural sugar content.) Iceberg lettuce is good, as it has almost no calories and provides bulk. Frozen grapes and cucumber slices also make good treats for tricks well done or lessons well learned. Other good treats are air popped popcorn (plain, no butter), carrot slices, and individual pieces of dry cereal like Cheerios and Chex. The easiest way to be sure that the pig is not overfed is to measure out the treats for the day. To supplement all of this, the pig parent should also daily feed the pig a children's complete vitamin tablet (any brand is fine).
Pigs can be potty trained:
The potty box should have low sides as pigs do not like to step over things to use the potty, and should be large enough so the pig can turn around. Beware of slippery bottoms- use a non-slip rubber mat under the litter if needed. The round “dishes” used for draining water heaters make ideal and inexpensive potty boxes. Do not use clay-based kitty litter, as the pig could inhale it or eat it, both causing life-threatening medical problems. An inexpensive and absorbent material is pine shavings. Cedar is not recommended.
Be sure that you have located a veterinarian in advance of obtaining a pet pig as many vets do not see nor treat them. Having a good knowledgeable vet is vital for the pigs welfare. In conclusion, again let it be stated, a person considering a pig as a pet can be assured of a loving and intelligent pet for many years, if they are willing to learn about their pet and make a long-term commitment to pig parenthood. Noah's Ark Potbellied Pig Rescue and Sanctuary is available to help in educating the potential parent, and anyone interested in learning about the pig as a pet.
Noah's Ark Potbellied Pig Rescue and Sanctuary. is a non-profit educational organization that provides information and literature on the potbellied pig as a companion pet to those willing to learn about their pet and make a long-term commitment to pig parenthood.
Noah's Ark Potbellied Pig Rescue and Sanctuary is not involved in breeding nor do we encourage prospective pig owners to seek breeders to obtain their pets. We do encourage those who would like to parent pigs to seek out a pig shelter or humane society and adopt a pig needing a home. We have, on occasion, put people desiring to adopt a pig in touch with shelters or families wishing to place their pigs. We also make information available to communities that are considering zoning changes to help them make informed decisions based on facts about potbellied pigs rather than undocumented opinions and urban legends. Pig Parenting Is Not For Cowards Noah's Ark Potbellied Pig Rescue and Sanctuary.