Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jackie O, Ambassador for Animals

Jackie’s voice is heard daily on 2Day FM in Sydney and across the Austereo network nationally as part of the hit Kyle and Jackie O show. Jackie has always cared deeply about the welfare of all animals and now intends to use her public profile to assist Animals Australia in highlighting animal welfare issues in this country. The treatment of animals in factory farms is the issue that Jackie feels most passionate about.
“Most people don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms, and it wasn't until recently that I discovered the ugly and extremely upsetting truth for myself — that in Australia some 11 million hens are still confined to battery cages and over 250,000 mother pigs endure lives of abject misery treated as breeding machines.
“It’s hard to believe that anyone can justify confining animals that are as intelligent as dogs for weeks on end in sow stalls where they can barely move, or that in this day and age we still cram hens in cages where they cannot even stretch their wings.
“It is appalling that these animals are denied legal protection from acts of cruelty when their ability to suffer is no different from the dog or cat that we have at home on our couch.
“It is my aim to assist Animals Australia to provide these animals with a strong voice and to highlight the simple choices that we can all make that will help create a kinder world.
“My plea to all Australians is to say no to animal cruelty by refusing to buy factory-farmed pork products and caged eggs. All eggs, bacon, ham and pork that is not labelled free range is produced in a factory farm.
“And please remember that if you love animals and don't want to see them suffer, the most effective choice of all is the one that I have made — to seek out the many healthy delicious vegetarian alternatives available. By doing so, you will be lodging an important vote for a kinder world.” This article was provided by -

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