Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tha Birthday Bash has come to an end

Hello everyone I just wanted to thank you all for helping me with my first giveaway. The pigs picked the winner last night. I am letting them know that they have won as I type. The first pigture is Piggly picking. winner is Cori.

The second pigture is Barney picking a winner. The winner is Janice.

Just for fun I said I am going to let there be 3 winner so I let Wilma pick a winner. The winner is Annette. I am going to be doing a giveaway every month. One shop I have featured on this blog was Claywizard, Claywizard was so impressed with the giveaway that they are sending pigatopia a clay pig to giveaway. Thank you

So I have decided to try and host a giveaway every month. It was fun and you guys seem to like reading the blog. So please look for future giveaways. Now to get to adding more stuff to the blog for you guys and to figure out how I will do the next giveaway.

How did you guys like the b-day bash one please let me know so I can make it better for you guys in the future.

I will show you the pigture that I got to paint for this giveaway as I complete them.

Flower Headband

I have long hair so this item caught my eye. Two inch width headband, about 13 inche diameter. Multiple fabric flower attached. Tuttistuttis will make them for you in a wide range of colors. For more awsome items made by this artist please visit:

Trimming Pig Hooves and Tusks

I have got request a few times asking me how do I trim the pigs hooves? Or do I did to take my pig to the vet? You do not need to take your pig to the vet to trim it hooves. the first thing you need to purchase is a really good grip of hoof trimmers. like these:

This is a video to show you how to trim your pigs hooves.

it is a very easy and if you feel you are still not comfortable trimming hooves there are a few pig people around that will trim your pigs hooves like noahs ark pot bellied pig sanc.

Way Side Violet

This lovely pink coffee cup cozy is hand knit with a gorgeous cable stitch. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. A special gift for a friend or yourself! Dimensions: 3.5 inches tall and fits nearly all take-out cups. Machine washable, just lay flat to dry. To see more awesome handmade coffee cozy's please vist:

Noahs Ark - Meet The Kids

First is Isaiah. Isaiah was purchased from an auction for a pot belly pig. The man who surrendered him said he made a mistake in buying him. Isaish is only part pot belly and part Duroc Farm pig. If you have not visited Noahs Ark Pot Bellied Pig Rescue in Port Richey Florida, I am here to tell you the Isaiah is an awesome pig it is so awesome to go there witha couple big bags of apples or bannanas and walk around hand feeding all the kids there and pet them and love on them. Isaiah is one of the few kids you have to walk around and look for to give him a treat. he is very laid back kids and very gentle.

Leila had been running loose for quite some time before I was contacted to please rescue her. Some people had been feeding her and trying to keep her safe but did not have good fencing and she would just come and go. One day she was attacked by something. You could see teeth marks all over her and big holes in her skin........she was so infected from all the bites. The people called me and begged me to take her before she got killed. They had found the original owners and contacted them but they did not want her back. The people who tried to save her were told to shoot and eat her. I have to say Leila is quite the pretty one, so pretty and all her wounds are healed now.

Sweet Wilbur came to me about 10 years ago and was obese. Had been fed just about everything. He lost alot of weight and could finally walk. He really is practicing to be a Shar Pei.........see his wrinkles. He is 16 this year and is doing exceptionally well. to see more wonderful animals or get directions to Noahs ARk please visit:

Patch First Shop

I was playing around on etsy and I found this awesome fellow etsy artist. I just had to show off these awesom earrings. It has 2 of my favorite things shiney and sparkley all in one. ;8)
Elegant Dangle Earrings made with Rose Swarovski Crystals and Clear Teardrop Crystal. The earring hooks are Rhodium. to check out more of this awesome atist shop please visit:

Peanut Butter Fudge Yummy

This is probably the best peanut butter fudge that I have ever had.
1/2 pound bar of plain peanut butter fudge. The smoothest, creamiest hand made fudge you have ever tasted. All batches made to order. Each bar comes in a little white box. for more of these yummy items plese visit fudgemore shop:

What should you use to wash your pig?

I have been asked many times what I use to bathe my piggers. I thought this might be a good subject to cover on this blog. PetPig Ultra Shampoo. PetPig Ultra Shampoo softens the hair and skin of the petpig while reducing dandruff-like dermatitis. PetPig Ultra Shampoo contains excellent cleansing properties that lathers well in soft or hard water and is easily rinsed away.
PetPig Ultra Shampoo softens the hair and skin of your petpig, and will also soften your hands when you use it. PetPig Ultra Shampoo is a soft solid when cool and melts to an amber liquid when warm. PetPig Ultra Shampoo should always be stored at room temperature. PetPig Ultra Shampoo is one of our top sellers.

I little dab will do you with this shampoo. if you use to much you are going to stand there forever trying to get the soap off the piggy. I made that mistake one time. for more of heartlands awesome products please visit:

Blockhead Radio Artisans Challenge

Every week 60 different artisans face off in 12 different categories to see who has the best handmade item. The weekly challenge is the previous weeks winners in each category. Who ever wins the weekly challenge will receive an audio commercial with banner the following week on BHR. The winner is decided by you.

I have entered the challenge. This is the first time I have ever entered my art into a challenge it is fun. Plese come check it out and even maybe vote for me. ;8) Oinks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B-Day Huge Bash Giveaway

Hello everyone I am so excited to be doing this. My Birthday is this week. I want to celebrate it by having a big blog giveaway. This is also my first giveaway so I hope you all help make a b-day wish a great one. ;8) Oink!
It is easy and I bet you are going to love the prizes. I am going to make the winners there very own watercolor porktraits. lol (You provide the picture or idea and I will make it for you). For every 10 comments I get on the blog post for b-day bash I am going to add another watercolor. So if there are 50 comments I will make 5 watercolors. The watercolors I am giving away are 9 inches by 12 inches
Now for the rules:
What you have to do to get a ticket is go to my blog and read a post then tell me what you liked about the post.
I need you to post the comment on the b-day bash giveaway comment section, so I can find it.
You have to leave me some way to get back in touch with you if you win.
You can enter multiple comments about different post for more chances to win. Each comment gets you another chance to win.
You must really read the post and post a good comments please, beacuse I am going to hide a extra chance to win in a couple of the post. I will be moving that extra chance to win from post to post. you will need to comment on b-day bash post when you find the extra chance to win and tell me what post you saw it on, and on what day, once the extra chance is moved you have missed your chance for that one.
If you purchase somthing from one of the etsy shops I have listed on my blog put that in the comments for another chance to win. You need to show me which item you purchased for this extra entery.
If you follow this blog you get another chance to win. You must tell me in the comment that you are following the blog just so I do not miss it.
I will pay to ship the porktrait to you if you are one of the winners. you can check out my etsy shop if you want to see what I can do using watercolor by visiting my shop:
How am I going to pick the winner you guys are going to love this. I am going to carve the numbers into apple and let the pigs pick the winners. we are going to try and get it on video for you to watch and also I am going to take pigtures. The piggers will be doing the drawing on March 25th.

Time to Get Down & Dirty at Rooterville!

Just a reminder that we will be having a volunteer day this Saturday, March 14th from 9AM until 1PM. Anyone interested in being a team leader or helping with set up, please arrive at 8:30AM. Snacks and bottled water will be provided. Please RSVP to if you can make it!We will be getting the piggies' houses ready for the warmer weather, general clean up, and there will be plenty of pig bellies to be rub! If you like to detail cars, Rooterville's old truck needs to be spiffed up so that it can be sold. AND, you will meet the newest residents of Rooterville, Huff and Puff, the friendly turkeys and all of the lovely lady hens, some of whom enjoy being held. If you'd like to take home some fresh eggs, please bring a container for them. If you have a chainsaw and enjoy cutting wood, please bring it along. We have some trees that need to be cut up to be burned as well.Please join us! There will be something for everyone to do.Make sure to wear long pants and closed toed shoes, no flip-flops please! Expect to get dirty. Rooterville is located at 15516 SW 149th Place, Archer, 32618. We are at the end of the road. Please park facing the woods.
Rooterville Website

Hearts A Bustin's

This necklace caught my eye while playig on-line it has a unique feel all its own.
A single strand of turquoise beads mixed with peridot, black agate, sterling silver rondelle beads, and pearls is sure to please you, no matter how you wear it. This is a simple piece, but still makes a statement. 19" long. For more awesome items in this shop please visit:

It's time to McWaddle!!!

BassetsRus Retirement Ranch, INC

The McWaddle is BRR's annual fundraising event. It's a time for hounds to get all dressed up, strut their stuff, and waddle their way through the streets of Kansas City, MO. It's tons of fun!! This is a great opportunity to raise much needed money for the special needs and senior Basset Hounds staying at the Retirement Ranch. The McWaddle is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about Basset Hound Rescue. So get your green gear out and plan on attending the annual McWaddle on March 14th! Additional information, printable information packets, pledge forms please visit:

From Chalkboard Purses to Spices

I love these, they are so cool. Express Yourself on this erasable Chalkboard bag. The fabric is flexible and washable and can be written on with any standard chalk repeatedly.The back of the bag is a brown and black leopard print cotton fabric. Fabric interfacing was used in the construction to offer support to the bag. A solid black heavy cotton was used on the interior. Handle is made of 1" black strapping.Size: 13" x 9"Handle: 26" custom orders are welcom! To see more of these awesome purses please chack out : now as if that was not awesome enough this fellow artist also has another shop:

Pigs in crisis - please crosspost

Please get the word out and post to the other groups you may belong to

A pig “sanctuary” has been foreclosed upon and all of the animals must be moved out by the end of the day on Monday – March 16. Of the original 37 pigs and 1 goat on the property, there are still about 12 potbellied pigs with no prospect of homes. It is imperative that they find homes this weekend. If you can help with a home or foster please contact Lorelei or Ron Pulliam – . They are trying to help these animals but have no room due to housing farm animals from a cruelty seizure in another Virginia county.

S.C.A.M.P.P. Needs Our Help

There have been several foreclosures in the area where many pigs have been left behind. The number of homeless pigs now total about 100. We are collecting donations on behalf of the Apple Valley foreclosure (25 pigs) and French Valley foreclosure (16 pigs). In addition to the foreclosures we also managed to rescue some abused pigs from a "backyard breeder" (20 pigs - ALL female, most pregnant). And there are the pigs we rescued from the Elsinore Animal Shelter (2 female pigs - both pregnant). Additionally we have just discovered a home where they have 50 pigs and are only zoned for 20. Unfortunately SCAMPP does not have funds or property to house large numbers of pigs such as these. We are collecting donations to help with feed, veterinarian needs, housing needs and trying to find adoptive homes for these pigs. Some are being temporarily fostered, but cannot be kept there for a long length of time. We have lots of baby piglets if anyone wants piglets!! Donations can be made via Paypal on our SCAMPP website ( or mailed to our mailing address which is: SCAMPP, 8304 Limonite Ave, Suite D-Box 21, Riverside, CA 92509. If donations are to be earmarked for a specific group of pigs, please designate which particular rescue effort to disburse donations to. We can only disburse what we receive and 100% of all donations received will go to these rescue efforts.
IN ADDITION: I am donating 2 watercolor paitings to SCAMPP to help pay for the care these pigs are going to need. They will be raffling them off at there next meeting.
I now have a link for you to read articles about what is going on in this post visit:
and also

Clay Wizard

Okay I saw the AWESOME chess set this fellow artisian had made and I had to ask them if they could make pigs. This is what they made: The three little piggies experiment consists of 3 different piglets made following the question of a fellow etsian whether I could make a pig. That sounded like lots of fun. So here they are. They go inseparable. The first three pictures are of a 5 cm. tall pig holding an apple. The fourth picture is of a 2.5 cm tall simple pig. And the fifth picture is of a 3 cm. wide pig magnet - not very strong magnet, holds one note for sure, but hardly more. So here is the set for anyone who'd like it.
If you want to see the chess set that caught my eye please visit:

The Wire Closet

I made a wire circle, and inside the circle are a few green seed beads that slide and move around. The pendant hangs from silver plated brass chain. And is clasped with a toggle clasp that I made myself. It is very wirey and fun!

For more of these awesome items please visit:

Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center’s 17th Annual
Walk With The Animals Set for March 21 at Fairmount Park
Cindy Davis of KOLA 99.9 FM To Be Grand Marshal and MC of the Event
RIVERSIDE, CA, February 12, 2009 – Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center
(RHSPAC) presents its 17th Annual Walk With The Animals on Saturday, March 21, from 8 a.m.
to noon at Fairmount Park (band shell, area 4) in Riverside. Grand Marshal for the two-mile
walk around Lake Evans is KOLA 99.9 FM’s Cindy Davis, heard weekdays 9 to 2 on the Inland
Empire’s top All Classics station. Davis also will serve as master of ceremonies for the event.
Proceeds help provide care and shelter for the cats and dogs awaiting adoption at RHSPAC.
Registration for walkers and their dogs, or other animals, starts at 8:00 a.m. The walk begins
promptly at 9:00 following opening ceremonies. The Walk With The Animals event is free and
open to the public. Participation in the walk is not required. There will be food, entertainment,
raffle prizes, exhibits, dogs available for adoption, rabies vaccinations and microchipping, and
activities for all ages throughout the morning. For more awesome up coming animal events please visit:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pig Harness

FOR THE BEST OF THEIR LIVESThere is simply no better harness for your pig.Comfort Fit Safety Harness is unique. Made just for pet pigs, it is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, safety and fit.
Modified "A" DesignWider angle at the shoulder for better all round control and a comfort fit.
Easy On... Easy OffEasier to put on and safer to wear with two quick release snaps on girth and neck.
Ultra ComfortableNo inside seam to chafe skin. Two body contoured snaps on left side. To check out more info on these please visit:

Artistic Wood Products's

Here is another Handcrafted Hidden Within Original by Jeremy Hickman. This Focal bead was hand turned out of Osage Orange and comes with the sterling chain which shows off the pendant.

I love this necklace. for more awesome wood worked item please visit:

Pig Brushes

So since I started this blog I have gotten request for pig related items like pig brushes. So I thought I would show everyone some awesome pig brushes. This brush is stiff enough to loosen dry flaky skin, but soft enough not to scratch. Perfect to groom your pet pig when they "blow" their coats. "Sanctuary Tested & Piggie Approved" at Pigtailz Junction. Please visit:
So you have your pig down for a belly rub (BR) - what do you do with your other hand? Slip on one of these Wonder Glove rubber groom gloves and groom away dried flakes.Nubs on one side give a wonderful massage and gentle rubber fingers on the other gently rub away dirts and dried skin. "Sanctuary Tested & Piggie Approved" at Pigtailz Junction.

Piggy Mug by Mudfairy

Tell me this is not the coolest pig mug ever.
This Happy Pig Character Mug is a Left Handled Mug.. Made especially for left handed people.The Pig face is designed to face away from the user to show off this Happy Character face.It measures aprox. 5 1/2 inches tall to the top of the mug and holds aprox. 24 oz of your favorite HOT or COLD beverage.The Mug is wheel thrown and hand built.I throw the mug form on the potters wheel and hand sculpt the Character pig face on.The handle is hand pulled and attached keeping a generous comfy fit of the hand in mind.Each mug is hand painted with lead free glazes.Lead Free, Dish Washer Safe and Microwave Safe! For more and yes she has a lot more pig item please visit:

Gallastar Equine Center

allastar is a center for therapeutic horseback riding that has specialized in serving young people with cognitive and emotional difficulties since 1994. Based in Afton, Virginia, Gallastar was one of the first in the nation to form a true collaboration between the mental health community and therapeutic riding in what is now called equine assisted psychotherapy. Through both mounted and unmounted activities at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of horsemanship, young riders benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence, increased self-awareness, and an increased sense of mastery and control. With the horses acting as “partners” in therapy, children indirectly but openly express their own emotional needs. As they bond with their special horse, they develop a true sense of empathy and attachment for an animal which many come to love. The emergence and examination of these developmental processes are vital as children and young adults begin to establish meaningful and positive relationships with others. For more info about this awesome place please visit:

Design's For Reta

Once again Designs for Reta has used a beautiful vintage tablecloth to create a darling little bunny. The tablecloth is in perfect condition, with pretty blue iris flowers and a bit of yellow and soft green mixed in. The back side is of a nice shade of yellow chenille. I've attached some pretty ribbons, pearls, and a white rose around the bunny's neck. This is a nice size bunny to show off on a bed, or the back of a couch or chair. It measures about 10"x9". This would be a great housewarming gift for that someone special, or to keep for yourself. To see more awesome stuff visit:

Great Story

These little bunnies, about 6 days old, were attacked by a dog and orphaned. Two out of the litter of five did not survive, and these three were not doing very well. Noah is a non-releasable, one-legged homing pigeon that we have here in rehab. Noah kept going over to the bunny cage and looking in...even sleeping in front of the door to the cage.
Then, 2 days ago, I only counted 2 bunnies in the cage, so I hurriedly picked Noah up from the front of the cage so I could look inside. And to my surprise...there was the tiny bunny...under Noah's wing...sound asleep! The bunny had crawled through the cage....preferring a featherbed, no doubt.
Now, they are all together, and the bunnies are doing GREAT. When the bunnies scoot underneath Noah's feathers, he extends his wings out to surround them..and they snuggle. When one of them moves and they start sticking out here and there, he gently pushes them back under him with his beak!!!!! This is amazing!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Country Collectibles Unique and Unusual

This unique and unusual Birdhouse does not only look realistic, but the hand carved animals makes it look even more realistic. All hand made and hand painted. Real cedar shingles, rock chimney and firewood ready to be split. The chickens, pig and goat all are hand carved from twigs. Also there's a shot gun ready at the front door incase of wild animals or unwanted company. Approximately 10" tall - 10" wide - 10". We do not make birdhouses exactly alike cause we hand make each one individually. They all will have their own unique quality to them but not much different from the one in the picture. Some houses may look lighter or darker, tin roof or wooden shingles. But if you want it a particular way just let us know and we will be glad to make it just the way you want it. visit us at:

C.A.R. Creative Animal Relief

Creative Animal Relief, also known as C.A.R., is dedicated to creating a fellowship of creative animal lovers by utilizing its members’ talent to help raise the quality of life for animals. For this reason, C.A.R. was created to provide a way for its members to raise funds through artistic and creative means and to disburse these funds to known and worthy non-profit animal organizations.
C.A.R. was launched in January 2009 and is in the process of becoming a 501(c) non-profit organization.
I am a member of CAR and I have donated a couple items to them. If you loved EFA you are really going to love CAR, EFA's sister organization. To learn more about this wondrful group please visit:

Maggie’s Sweet Nothings

This *When Pigs Fly!* bead set is made by Maggie's Sweet Nothings. The set includes the Flying Pig bead and two happy stars. The Flying Pig has black wire antennaes, pearlized embellished wings, and a goofy face. This bead set is pierced horizontally. If you wish it to be pierced vertically just contact me. All of my beads are handmade without using molds.

To see more of her awesome creations please visit:

Hearts and Noses Wyatt a "Little Warrior"

Wyatt a “Little Warrior”

On February 14th my sister yelled out that I had a pig sitting down outside. On a summer day this wouldn’t have raised any red flags but on a cold snow covered day I ran to see who she was talking about. Wyatt was sitting and dragging his bottom, then up kicking at his belly then taking the stance to pee and the symptoms were repeated. I had gone threw this before with my First pig Willy and knew this pig couldn’t urinate.

Knowing he needed to be at least catherised in order to relieve his bladder as we had done with Willy I called our emergency vet. Now this little one is timid so our vet used a blow dart to get the tranquilizer in him and then we brought him into the house. Opting not to perform surgery here as no way were we able to grasp onto his tools with out opening him up we hoped muscle relaxers would loosen up the probable kidney stones blocking his urethra.

24 hours later this pig was in trouble I could see even though I treated him homoeopathically all night was filling up with fluids. If I did not get him rushed to a clinic his bladder would burst and he would die.

Rushed an hour away we got him into a clinic where a good vet catherised him and inserted a small tube into his bladder to relieve the urine and we brought him home. Within 24 hours we were back to the same state and we rushed him once again. This time our veterinarian with an article in hand recommended we operate and relieve the pig’s bladder and then insert a Foley catheter. Wyatt spent that night there and the following morning an accident by an intern had Wyatt back on the operating table to repeat the procedure and this time he spent the next four nights there.

Wyatt still unable to pee on his own when we brought him home but we hoped with a special feed it would dissolve the stones. And daily I would close the catheter and ask him to go outside and try . He would try so hard and then I would open the catheter to release his urine and bring him back inside. We ordered special acidifier tablets to feed Wyatt and started him on those and our miracle happened in four days. How he suffered the day they dislodged but we were on the road to recovery now!

Wyatt is still in the house being monitored as the catheter is now out and we want to make sure he is all better before putting back out with his herd.

Wyatt’s life saving procedures has cost $2544.99 to date and he is happily oofing away on his bed of blankets beside me. I tell him “you will be back with your herd pretty soon Wyatt, but we have to make sure your ready”. To Help Wyatt Please Visit:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Pyrenees In Need

Hi Everyone, There was a bust at a Hoarders facility in KY you can google Clean Slate Rescue and read all the disturbing info about it :( There are>two female Great Pyrenees (one is definately pregnant and the other might be) that. Gentle Giants, Inc. will be receiving this Saturday from this situation...Both the dogs have mange, they have been dipped but they will need grooming and continued treatment, they also will have to be thouroughly vet checked, the transport is $150 to get them here. Here is a link for the video of what is going on in KY..the Pyrs are in it and you will see the hairloss on the ears . ******UPDATE****** The girls arrived and what a mess they are we named one MYSTERY and she is VERY pregnant and has alot of hair loss due to mange......JUNEAU has a spot where she has no hair on her back, but other than that she has her fur. They are the sweetest girls...we> will have to xray JUNEAU to see if she is pregnant or not because by looking at her and feeling her belly we cannot tell,just about every female coming out of that place is pregnant.*** Please help if you can. Please click Fundable link below

Tilt Creations First Blog Giveaway I will give you guys the info on Tilt Creations Blog in a second. I first wanted to let you guys know how honored I am to be the subject of her first blog giveaway. If you have been following my blog then you already saw a post about tilt creations. (she was one of my first post). I really love what she has done with the give away so please check it out and comment for her to show our support. Okay here is some info on her giveaway:
Woo Hoo!I have been trying to figure out just how I wanted to do the giveaways on this blog and came up with, well, too many ideas. So I am starting with non-handbag crafts that I have done. I love playing with different medias and can never choose just one. Solution: give them away. I am hoping that in the process I will discover which ones are sellable, but either way - it's fun.I also wanted to help other artisans along the way. Sometimes I will be giving away their goodies and other times just working along side them, promoting now.This little Flying Pig stuffie/wall hanging was originally made thinking of Shannon from Pigatopia. She is a fellow Plugger and wonderful artist. She creates to help those that can not help themselves.I spoke with her about why she does what she does for the animals and this is what she said:
"lets see my first pig Vinny is now 11 years old. I got him when he was 6 weeks old. I hand raised him and carried him everywhere with me. until he got up to 60 lbs. lol anyway when he got to be 300 lbs I needed to get his feet trimmed and tusk trimmed. Trying to find a vet was a big joke. I called around after 30 phone calls got the phone number for Noahs ark pot bellied pig rescue in New Port Richey Florida. Lynne taught me that pig's should not be that big and that dog food was bad. she came out and trimmed Vinny's feet and tusk and taught me how to do the hooves by myself. I call Lynne to this day if something goes wrong with one of my kids. I soon realized that I needed to do something to help Noah's ark more then just giving her money and I could not bring home more pigs as at one point I had 22 pigs and 9 dogs. I now only have 12 pigs and 6 dogs. I started helping Noahs ark with her fund raisers and making art to sell to raise money for her. was not long before I found other wonderful sanctuary's and rescues that could use help with not only funding and donations but just public awareness. Just seeing the rescued pigs eyes when they look at you you can see they are saying thank you for helping us. It just makes my heart sing."
Now this is all I am going to give you. You are just gonna have to check out her blog for the rest. It is easy and fun.