Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pig Brushes

So since I started this blog I have gotten request for pig related items like pig brushes. So I thought I would show everyone some awesome pig brushes. This brush is stiff enough to loosen dry flaky skin, but soft enough not to scratch. Perfect to groom your pet pig when they "blow" their coats. "Sanctuary Tested & Piggie Approved" at Pigtailz Junction. Please visit: http://www.pigstuff.com/cgi-bin/shop/pigshop.cgi
So you have your pig down for a belly rub (BR) - what do you do with your other hand? Slip on one of these Wonder Glove rubber groom gloves and groom away dried flakes.Nubs on one side give a wonderful massage and gentle rubber fingers on the other gently rub away dirts and dried skin. "Sanctuary Tested & Piggie Approved" at Pigtailz Junction.

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