Thursday, March 26, 2009

What should you use to wash your pig?

I have been asked many times what I use to bathe my piggers. I thought this might be a good subject to cover on this blog. PetPig Ultra Shampoo. PetPig Ultra Shampoo softens the hair and skin of the petpig while reducing dandruff-like dermatitis. PetPig Ultra Shampoo contains excellent cleansing properties that lathers well in soft or hard water and is easily rinsed away.
PetPig Ultra Shampoo softens the hair and skin of your petpig, and will also soften your hands when you use it. PetPig Ultra Shampoo is a soft solid when cool and melts to an amber liquid when warm. PetPig Ultra Shampoo should always be stored at room temperature. PetPig Ultra Shampoo is one of our top sellers.

I little dab will do you with this shampoo. if you use to much you are going to stand there forever trying to get the soap off the piggy. I made that mistake one time. for more of heartlands awesome products please visit:

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