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Glass Cat's Shop

Flying Piggie Stained Glass Suncatcher. This cutie measures 4" x 5" and comes with a suction cup ready to hang. The glass is pink iridesent. He is hand crafted one at a time in my home studio using the lead came method. visit Glass Cat's Shop and you will find unique stained glass gifts and one of a kind fused and dichroic jewelry.


Rooterville Pig Sanctuary

Finally! T-shirts are here! Exclusively created for Rooterville by Jeff Corriveau, creator of the nationally-syndicated comic strip "DeFlocked." You can pick yours up for only $15 at the sanctuary or we can send you one for $20 including shipping. Shipping charge will be $5 for up to 3 shirts. You can order them using PayPal or click on the Donate button on our website.
Volenteer day March 14th. If you'd like to get down and dirty with the critters at Rooterville AND meet some new friends, this is YOUR opportunity! Saturday, March 14th, from 9AM til 1PM you can come out and help with various projects or just come and enjoy meeting the animals and giving belly rubs to the piggies. A light lunch will be served and drinks/snacks will be provided. Please RSVP, if you can to or 352-495-7473. Team leaders are needed, so if you've been here before and would like to be a group leader, please let us know.If you can't make it out on our scheduled days, but you would like to get involved, please email us for an appointment. Volunteers interested in helping on a regular basis are needed! Here is your extra chance to win a watercolor all you have to do is add to the comments section of the b-day bash blog that you saw the extra chance on this post and what day. ;8)

PCRM - Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine

Your activism just made a huge difference. Six weeks ago we called on you to help end the cruel and unnecessary use of live dogs in the University of Michigan’s trauma training course. Thousands of you took action—and the school listened! Today, the University of Michigan announced that it will use only simulators in the Advanced Trauma Life Support course.
You have sent more than 20,000 e-mails to University of Michigan (U-M) administrators, asking them to use nonanimal training methods in their Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course. The school’s Graduate Medical Education Committee recently met and decided that it agrees with you. No dogs or other animals will be killed in the school’s ATLS course, according to a university statement.
Your hard work helped end animal suffering and improve medical education in Michigan. Now we need your help to do the same thing in New Jersey. While more t han 90 percent of United States and Canadian facilities no longer use animals for ATLS training, University Hospital in Newark, part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), continues to use live pigs for its course, despite the availability of nonanimal alternatives like the TraumaMan System from Simulab. The hospital’s next ATLS course is scheduled for March 13.
Please e-mail, call, or write to UMDNJ president William Owen Jr., M.D., and politely ask him to end animal use in University Hospital’s ATLS course. Being polite is the most effective way to help these animals. Send an automatic e-mail.
William Owen Jr., M.D.PresidentUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey65 Bergen St., Room 1535University HeightsNewark, NJ 07107-3007Phone: 973-972-4400 E-mail:
Learn more about the TraumaMan System. If you have any questi ons, please contact me at Thanks so much for your help!

Fyrestorm Creations

All the Polymer Lampwork style polymer beads are handmade by me and it has czech glass and Swarovski crystal beads all over it as well as glass lampwork beads by other artisans. I have also used Bali silver bead caps.The main body of the bracelet is made up of Czech glass beads & Polymer beads.The main body of the bracelet is made up of Czech glass beads and glass cream pearls.The Theme Beads Include:Flying PigsPink RosesAll the dangles are handwired for strength and durability.Finished off with a bali toggle claspThe bracelet measures just over 7" and can be customized for a better fit. Just let me know.All of my pieces are one of a kind. I certainly do repeat themes however, each item is distinctly different. I choose the beads and accent pieces for each item individually so that no two are ever the same.When you choose a piece of jewelry from Fyrestorm Creations, rest assured that you are receiving a truly one of a kind treasure.We know that there are a lot of choices on Etsy and we thank you for choosing Fyrestorm Creations.I stand behind my work 100% if you have a problem with a piece I will fix or replace it. to purchase this awesome tiem or view other items this artist have for sale visit:

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Naomi Kimhi

This shop has some of the neatest selection of art I have ever seen before like these 2 items:
Necklace Kalti style A unique model. It is really unique modelAnd the size of the padent is : 4 CM Color Black silver.
Colorful japanese anemones-maid for printing on canvas,Poster,card
For more of this awsome art visit:

Gallastar Equine Center Update

More Happy Endings. Georgie enjoying sun at Gallastar Texas or Bust!This past Thursday, the four young male pigs made their way to Texas. What a relief that they are safe and sound. A big Virginia Thanks Y-all goes out to Terry DeGraw at and Karan Graham of for offering to take these four boys. I had to laugh and laugh at what Terry wrote in her e-mail after their arrival. She asked which of the four was supposed to be strange looking one. All of them were very odd looking to her. And yes they are. Odd looking and precious beyond measure. Their lives were created for singular purpose of slaughter and every minute of their short lives had been a living hell. It is hard to fathom all that had to align in this big world of ours to get them to such a wonderful life so many miles away. We are humbled and so grateful for all of you who helped to make it work. A special thank to those that helped to make the transportation possible.
Special Goats for a Special LadyThis week Ron once again made the trek into Maryland with five very special goats. Betty Acks was one of the first people to write and offer sanctuary to the goats. She is a wildlife rehabilitator and she and her husband had taken in animals from the Vernon Auction and done such a wonderful job with bringing them back to health. I felt that I knew her heart and was not surprised when she wrote and asked for the four goats that no one else would want due to their being so afraid of people. She asked to have Cinnamon, Toast, Rhea, and little Celeste with the soremouth. When we went to load them up, another goat would not be denied her friends and of course Betty said to bring Udora along too. It appears that Cinnamon and Rhea may be going to have little ones and of course Betty is delighted. Yet another special new friend has come into our lives. Like all the other placements, these fine ladies stepped up and offered their help when they heard of the plight of these animals. There were no strings attached – just send them on they said. And we gratefully did.
Georgie Meets His MatchCheck out little Georgie. He was the first animal that we saw when we approached the seizure site. He was shivering uncontrollably. Into the warmth of a truck he went and since that time, this youngster has decided that he rules the world. Now that his quarantine and neuter are behind him, he is being introduced to some other pigs so that he can learn that he is not actually the king of the universe. This is essential to the socialization process if a pig is to become a companion for human or fellow pig. No doubt he and Curious George were obviously once loved companions who were given away due to their acting like what they were – the most amorous of all creatures - boar pigs. This little guy is learning fast and it is nice to see our older fellas like Whitt here trying to keep the lessons as gentle as possible. Georgie will challenge and you can see Whitt trying to tell him that this may not be as much fun as Georgie seems to think it will be. Then Whitt will dole out no more than necessary for Georgie to learn the lesson that all younger pigs need to learn as to who rules the roost in the world of pigs. Whitt was himself the victim of great abuse, as the lack of his ears and tail bear witness to. Perhaps that is why he and the others are as gentle with the newcomers as they are. We have now moved all of the remaining animals here to Gallastar. There are five young farm pigs, two potbellies, and 8 precious goats. I wish I could somehow share with each of you the joy that these rescued animals are bringing to us. As we spend time with them each day, their unique personalities and special talents become apparent. Little Miss Priss sounds exactly like a dove when she calls to us or her friends. Magpie, the smallest of the three baby farm pigs, loves to grab my jacket and get me to play with her. Specks and Vicky are learning to trust people and settle down. One of the goats is going to have a baby soon and we are all abuzz with anticipation about that. As these precious lives make their way into their new homes, we will miss them but realize how blessed we are to have gotten to share this brief time with them. It is indeed a special time for us to be able to witness them enjoying their lives.
Baby Phoenix UpdateLast night we had the extreme pleasure of getting to see baby Phoenix and the other three sheep from the rescue at the beautiful Northern Virginia farm Gaited Manor at Park Gate, owned by Renee and Curtis Stillwell. He has grown at an exceptional rate and embarking on all of those adorable baby things that include jumping up from what he thinks are great heights and running like the wind. The rescued sheep are flourishing as do all the animals lucky enough to live with Renee and Curtis. We also got to visit with one of the nine little Vernon auction pigs who lives there as well. He came runni
Wings of MercyThis is a belated birthday gift that I received last night and it touched me deeply. This angel pig will always remind me of those from this rescue and others that help came to late for. But they are forever at rest now and beyond the reach of those who would wish them harm. In their memory, we must try all the harder to make life wonderful for those who did get out and do whatever we can to see to it that these terrible things do not happen again. Part of what we do here at Gallastar is to use the stories of the rescued animals that live side by side with us to teach compassion and the power of kindness to all living creatures. Perhaps one or two of these animals may remain with us to bear testament to this particular rescue and the message of hope and the power of what can happen when good people work together to do the right thing. With all the troubles that surround us these days, it is easy to look past these souls without voice - these that truly were the least of us. But to know them and to meet them would touch even the most jaded of hearts. None were more wounded and none more deserving of saving than these. Thanks to all of you for making that possible.
Gallastar Equine Center • 722 Greenfield Mountain Farms • Afton • VA • 22920 visit us at: Here is a extra a extra chance to win (in order to get this extra chance you will need to put in the comment for the b-day bash were you saw it and when.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Ironwood Pig Sanctuary is dedicated to eliminating the suffering of pot bellied pigs in Arizona and surrounding states by promoting spaying and neutering, assisting owners and other sanctuaries, and providing a permanent home in a safe, nurturing environment for those that are abandoned, abused, neglected, or unwanted.
We are home to approximately 580 pot bellied pigsJune 10, 2001 we officially opened the doors of the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary. Claire and Popeye arrived that evening. Then on June 11th Misty and Tully came, June 12th Owen and Taylor, June 14th a litter of babies, June 15th Oreo came to our home and June 30th Blossom arrived along with Eddie and Flapjack. That rounded out our first month and filled the 8 pens we had constructed at that time, and the overflow went to our home and introduced me to my dear beloved Oreo.
Soon thereafter Pearl, Princess, Bubba, Mr. Pibb, Arnold, Benjamin and Oliver, Desiree, Pammy, Corky and so many others followed them. We built more pens and they were soon full, and we anxiously awaited the completion of our large 6-acre field. With a sigh of relief, our field was completed in early Oct. 2001 and we began the hard process of releasing our pigs out of the pens and into the fields. This is never an easy task since pigs sometimes fight furiously for their position in the herd, so these first few days were a prelude of what was to come and the beginning of subdividing our new large field to suit the capabilities and ages of our new family. for more info about pigs at ironwood or to help by donating time or money or items please visit:

Not Monochromatic's

This is an original painting in Not Monochromatic's shop.
Original Acrylic Mixed Media Painting by RhiEntitled, Reflection. Do you take the time to reflect? A 8"x10" textured painting on a Fredrix acid free canvas panel. On back, I wrote the title, signed it, what type of medium I used and the date. Water Mark is not in the original.**My painting's varnished to protect it from dirt and other elements such as UV** for more work by this artist visit:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Place Design's

This sweet little brooch is a little oversized and more than a little adorable. I used a sixties floral fabric with a lime green cotton twill and neon pink felt. I added a fun lime green vintage button to top it off and top stitched the edged with green contrasting embroidery floss.I'm short and sweet, love bright colors, vintage fabrics, and making people happy. I hope my fun, handmade pieces and upcycled vintage designs help you find the happiness your looking for! If anything, I hope they at least make you giggle a little. :) to see moe of these awesome item visit:

Forgotten Angels Animal Rescue & Education

One of the problems facing us today is that we have become a "throw away" society. We throw away our marriages, children and animals. We look for the easy way out of all our problems and commitments. No longer do we work to find solutions to our problems or ways to keep commitments. It has become much to easy just to throw things away like we throw away a paper plate when finished using it. Millions of animals every year are thrown away, including the pet pig, dogs, cats and others. Many are euthanized because they have no one to care. No one to give them a home. Shelters and sanctuaries are busting at the seams and many have no alternatives but to euthanize to make room for yet more animals that are just abandoned, neglected and tossed away like the used paper plate. It is the goal of Forgotten Angels to not only help with rescue and placement but to help to educate the general public. In educating we hope that people will stop before making a commitment and think about it and make an informed decision. One where they will know the facts first and to know there are solutions and ways and means of solving problems. to learn more visit:

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My Mother Mary's

A granny cap crocheted with pink and white yarn, to help remind us that spring will be coming soon!!This hat will fit a young girl about 6-10 yrs old. What a cute gift this would make for a young lady! Need a different size?? Just let her know and she will make it for you. Also, Keep a baby warm!! Everytime you purchase a baby blanket from my shop, I will donate a baby blanket to the Pregnancy Help Center of Milwaukee. Help me, help a mom and baby in need! for more of these awesome items visit:


Hello everyone I would like you to meet Lynne and Leila. Lynne runs Noahs Ark Pot Bellied Pig Rescue. I emailed her and asked her for a story about a pig in need at her place and this was the first one that came to mind. her is Leila story.
She was running loose in a neiborhood and she kept coming up to this one ladies house. They fed her and really liked her but their fences would not keep her in very well and she would come and go. They finally found out where she lived and took her back home. She would not stay there. The people were very concerned something was going to happen to her and kept taking her back home.
The people who owned her finally told the people who kept bringing her home to shoot her and eat her if they wanted as they could not keep her in the yard and they did not want her anymore.
Well, sadly she got attacked by something and was cut up alot and had teeth marks all over her.
So, the lady who liked her and wanted to keep her knew she needed medical care and called everyone she could think of and finally called my daughter who she met through some mutual friends.
I told her I could not take another pig but she begged me as this pig was injured and she was afraid another attack might kill her.
So, I went to get her and she eluded us. Next day we tried again and were successful.
She was injured pretty bad and was infected all over.
She has done quite well and has healed nicely.
She is on a diet to lose weight.
She is a very pretty pig and we named her Leila........
Leila is not spayed and we really need some funds to get her spayed.
She seems to be around 5 or 6 years old. Now is the time to spay her before she gets tumors or cysts from not being spayed. If you would like to help Leila please visit:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Folk Art Vision's

I love this shop. This is Anatol and Bunny Charlie enjoying their quality time in the garden.Anatol : " I relish opportunities to climb into dumpsters or scavengecurb side refuse and salvage old wood and other found objects.Perhaps due to my many years of collecting country antiquesthe eye invariably rivets to shape, surface and patinawhich I transcribe into my wooden frames. "This piece is a composition of vintage wood (restored to it's original finish/patina) and found objects.size: 5.5"/14 cm square with a 1.5"/4 cm profile.Signed and dated at the back.Ready to hang, copper nail included. for more of these awesome items please visit:

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue (RRHR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, care and rehabilitation for abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted horses, including horses that can no longer be cared for by their owners and horses at risk of going to slaughter. RRHR will adopt each horse to a permanent, caring and positive environment that is mutually beneficial to both horse and human. The founding directors of RRHR are Pat Miller and Roger Kavan. Since 1996 we have purchased and rescued many horses as the need arose. Two horses that we purchased for pleasure riding were old enough to be retired. These horses found a place in our hearts that would not allow us to pass them on without a guarantee that they would be treated humanely and, when the time came, euthanized rather than sold for slaughter.
Ruby Ranch is named after one of these retired horses. Ruby was an American Saddlebred who was no longer ridden due to a hock injury. Ruby's heart and spirit were too vital to jeopardize at the hands of someone who only values a horse for its usability. Her pasture-mate, Twister, is an older Appaloosa who had been with Ruby since 1996. We know by nature that horses are herd animals. Studies show us horses also develop very close pair relationships within the herd. Ruby and Twister had developed such a relationship. Ruby passed away at age 27 in the fall of 2006. She will be a part of our memories and hearts forever. RRHR is incorporated in Colorado as a non-profit organization. The IRS granted us tax exempt status under 501(c)(3), a charitable organization. to check out this site visit:

Shepherd's Green Sanctuary

Our Mission
Shepherd’s Green Sanctuary exists to provide rescue, lifetime care and other aid and assistance
to abandoned, abused, neglected, homeless and otherwise endangered pigs. it is a place for information and resources for pigs in private homes, sanctuaries, shelters and zoos and compassionate solutions to the desperate needs of the unwanted and abused. Here is just one of the stories about this wonderful place:
Abe, Daisy, Black Beauty and Ms Piggy.These 4 pigs were part of a high school agricultural program. The kids involved did not understand that when these pigs were at "weight" and went to the "show" that they were making a one way trip to the slaughter house. When they found this out some were devastated. Searching wildly for help in the Miami area finally resulted in a caring individual going to the auction and buying all 4 and sending them here for sanctuary. Much transpired between the beginning and end of that story. One of the pigs was stabbed by unknown assailants on the school grounds and was refused medical care.. students scorned the kids who tried to save their "friends" and other animals were murdered. All with no apparent concern by the school. But the 4 pigs who were befriended by their care givers were saved and the rest have long since ceased to exist.
Sometimes all it takes is the effort.
Today, a year later (2005) they are growing and happy pigs, surrounded by others of their own kind and free to wander the woods, play in the stream and graze the lush pastures of our Tennessee sanctuary. For more info about this wonderful place please visit:

Beaded Tails

Purrfectly simple and sweet...An adorable 8x10mm cat face lampwork glass bead is paired with a 10mm faceted red glass bead to make these earrings. Silver toned spacers are added - one resembling a collar for the kitty. The fish hook style earwires are genuine sterling silver.Length of the dangled earring is approximately 1" (2.5cm). From the top of the earwire to the bottom bead is nearly 1.75" (4.5cm). A portion from the sale of these earrings will go to benefit animal awareness causes. Please see our profile for a list of causes we donate to. Thank you! "My designer would be sew happy to make a custom one for you............" for more of these awesome beads visit: I AM TRYING TO GET PIG BEADS MADE RIGHT NOW.

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CPPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the companion potbellied pig. We strive to share ideas, experiences and information which will benefit pigs and their guardians so they may live happy and satisfying lives together. Through exposure at fairs, pet stores, schools, animal control shelters and on the Internet, we are working to educate the public to the wonders and realities of these delightful animals as companions. We issue bulletins over the Internet to keep our members informed of new information concerning CPPA and/or potbellied pigs in general. We try and assist people and animal shelters in finding new homes for unwanted or abandoned PBPs. We provide veterinarian availability information and often provide hands on assistance when applicable. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Potbellied Pigs. You don't have to own a pig to join!!!

Laura Lees Tasty Treats's

Nutty. Chocolatee. Ooey and gooey. What more can you ask for, other than a glass of milk? I take a creamy hazelnut chocolate cream and sandwich it between two of my thin, crispy hazelnut topped sugar cookies. You will receive one dozen of these sinfully delicious cookies which will be baked fresh upon order*. Once cooled, these irresistible treats will be packaged and shipped the same day via USPS Priority Mail.

Yummy yummy yummy if you would like to check these out visit:

Bailey Bowls

okay I had to show you guys this. I have one of these and baily's bowls can make one for you as well.
I still see birds flying around and chirping around my area so I'm sure they will be amused to have one of these to feed on. This piggy bird feeder will hold bird seeds inside its mouth. The carrot sticking out of its mouth is for the birds to perch on and so are the sprawled out legs. The pig's body is wheel thrown. The features and limbs have been sculpted on. The carrot top is made of fabric. The pig is held up by a super strong wire so squirrels cannot chew through it. Measurements:9" wide from feet to feet7" tall to tip of ear4" deep from carrot tip to tailmouth is 6" wide and 4" tallcarrot is about 2.5" long not including the carrot top. to see this and other awesome products made by
bailey bowls visit:

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Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Kindred Spirits is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary that helps neglected, abused, or displaced farm animals.
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary was founded in late 2003 in response to an overwhelming need for farm animal sanctuaries. The Sanctuary’s founders assisted the national farm animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary, by taking in some rescues from a terrible abuse/neglect case that they handled at the end of 2003. Inspired by four rescued sows from Cattaraugus County and by Farm Sanctuary’s outreach and compassion, Kindred Spirits’ founders decided to create another haven for abused, neglected, and displaced victims of “food animal” production. Farm animals are exploited every day in our society, and are subject to some of the most horrendous forms of harassment, abuse and neglect. Industrialized or “factory” farming operates on the basic premise that farm animals are mere commodities, not thinking, feeling beings. Animals that exist in these factories suffer in silence, and we find that people are horrified to learn about the types of abuse that these animals endure.
The pigture is of: Violet was found by a caring family who lived in the south Tampa area. One of the family dogs had gotten a hold of the tiny pig, and she had several serious injuries as a result of the encounter. for more on her story and other like here please visit:

Iowa Flood Pigs

Several more recent adoptions have seen a number of pigs to Florida – just in time to avoid the snow that’s now falling in Watkins Glen! When we arrived in the Sunshine State on Nov. 13, we made a first stop at the home of Farm Animal Adoption Network member Jennifer Sackett, to deliver her new friends, Charo, Charity, Maria, and Brooke.Next, we travelled to Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, where Banshee and Sybil were greeted by lots of friendly faces who lovingly led them to a cozy shelter filled with fresh, clean straw. With a roomy pasture, new animal friends and lots of sunshine and loving care, we know they’ll always be happy in their beautiful new home. Check out these photos from Kindred Spirits Executive Director Laura Brahim showing their arrival.
Last but not least, we moved onward to Rooterville Sanctuary in Archer – a little piece of heaven on earth for pigs of all shapes and sizes. Among the lucky pigs who found themselves surrounded by lush green pasture, a shady oak hammock and tons of warm sand were our beloved LuLu, Pricilla, Olivia, and Papaya. Rooterville President Elaine West sent these great shots of the pigs enjoying their new Florida home.
And finally, one of the last scheduled adoptions took place not too long ago when Gomer, Felicia, Beverly, and Calypso arrived at their forever home with Farm Animal Adoption Network member Sarah Mann in Vermont. By all reports, these four incredible pigs are also doing very well and settling nicely into their new family life.While the majority of the rescued Midwest pigs in need of adoption have been happily placed, we are still in urgent need of homes for two older sows, a mother sow and her five piglets (four girls and one boy), and two sweet younger female pigs. If you can help, please apply to join our Farm Animal Adoption Network today!

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm

These are some of the coolest dolls I have ever seen. The fun and detail that went into some of these is impressive to say the least. like this one.....
Witchess Tillie stands approximately 21 inches tall. Her head was hand sculpted out of air dry clay, while her hands and boots were sculpted out of polymer clay. Sit her down with nice cup of tea and have her read your tea leaves...she never leaves without her cheese cloth tea bag!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mama's Little Monkeys's

Let your little one lounge in style with these super soft and comfortable fleece lounge pants. In this fun black, brown, pink and white dot print, your little one will be comfy AND cute anywhere!A drawstring secures the waist and allows you to make them as tight or loose as your child likes.Pants measure:23.5 inches long12 inches wide at waist (adjustable by drawstring.)The seams are both serged and machine stitched.The fabric is NOT flame retardant.Not loving the dots? Convo me! I love custom orders. Top and bottom pairs available as well!All items made in a smoke free, cat friendly home.Thank you and have a great day!

For more wonderful products like this one please visit:

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Saturday February 7th 10AM to 2PM @ Rooterville
Hi! Rooterville will be having an Open House for visitors to meet the animals and learn about them and modern farming practices. There will be plenty of bellies to rub! Lunch will be served. Event is free, however donations of large jars of peanut butter would be appreciated! We use peanut butter sandwiches to sneak medication past the pig's sensitive snouts. RSVP's would be appreciated but are not required. Rooterville is located at 15516 SW 149th Pl, Archer, FL 32618. Contact is Elaine at 352-495-7473 or
Rooterville is a beautiful place, providing safe haven for over 100 rescued animals. We provide medical treatment and proper nourishment for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals of all species, particularly pot bellied pigs, as well as assist in the rescue, transport, placement and spaying/neutering of rescued animals. We have helped with many large rescues including the placement of hundreds of abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted pet pigs. Believe it or not, there are way too many unwanted pot bellied pigs and we are one of only a handful of rescues that will help them. While there are many more rescue options available for dogs and cats, there are few for pigs. This is why the work we do at Rooterville is so very important and why we strive to educate the general public with respect to the true nature and characteristics of the potbellied pig and pigs in general and stress the importance of spaying and neutering them to prevent the birth of even more unwanted pets. Rooterville has many wonderful spayed/neutered pet pigs available for adoption to loving homes. Animals who do not get adopted will live their lives out here at the Sanctuary. visit for more info:

Simone's Country Candles

Did someone say O-R-E-O?We have done it again with our Oreo inspired Cookies & Cream Shake. We start out with crushed "cookie bits" and and we add ice cream and tons of gooey chocolate sauce to create the decadent and swirly masterpiece that you see before you. We then add a fluffy whipped topping along with two Oreo-style wax pieces and what else but crushed cookie bits on top. And no shake would be complete without a straw. So indulge your sense and drink up all the wonderful aroma that this candle has to offer. for more yummy candle visit:

Artistic Glass Impressions By Yvonne

This pendant is a stunning piece! I love the combination of red stripes and splashes on a turquoise blue backgroud.The 22K gold butterflies and flowers add a garden feel.It has a gold plated bail. .If you would prefer a silver bail, I can change it for you.If you want it on a beaded necklace, I can list a custom order for fused glass? Fused glass is the process of taking sheets of glass and attaching (fusing) them together as one piece. The glass is melted, in a kiln, at a very high temperature. It usually takes several firings to achieve the desired effect. Once the glass is fused, it is completely smooth on the front. The backside has a slight texture, which varies with the type of glass used. I make sure my glass is properly annealed. All of my glass pendants are handcrafted in my studio using fused glass. Each pendant is signed by the artist. for more wonderful necklaces visit: