Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Kindred Spirits is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary that helps neglected, abused, or displaced farm animals.
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary was founded in late 2003 in response to an overwhelming need for farm animal sanctuaries. The Sanctuary’s founders assisted the national farm animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary, by taking in some rescues from a terrible abuse/neglect case that they handled at the end of 2003. Inspired by four rescued sows from Cattaraugus County and by Farm Sanctuary’s outreach and compassion, Kindred Spirits’ founders decided to create another haven for abused, neglected, and displaced victims of “food animal” production. Farm animals are exploited every day in our society, and are subject to some of the most horrendous forms of harassment, abuse and neglect. Industrialized or “factory” farming operates on the basic premise that farm animals are mere commodities, not thinking, feeling beings. Animals that exist in these factories suffer in silence, and we find that people are horrified to learn about the types of abuse that these animals endure.
The pigture is of: Violet was found by a caring family who lived in the south Tampa area. One of the family dogs had gotten a hold of the tiny pig, and she had several serious injuries as a result of the encounter. for more on her story and other like here please visit: http://www.kindredspiritssanctuary.org/index2.html

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  1. Glad to hear more people are doing something to stop these abuses. We have largely stopped eating factory farmed meat. Our trials at vegetarianism made us quite ill so this seemed second best. Our rule of thumb is that everything we eat must have a face both for the farmer and the animal so that we can thank them for their sacrifices.