Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shepherd's Green Sanctuary

Our Mission
Shepherd’s Green Sanctuary exists to provide rescue, lifetime care and other aid and assistance
to abandoned, abused, neglected, homeless and otherwise endangered pigs. it is a place for information and resources for pigs in private homes, sanctuaries, shelters and zoos and compassionate solutions to the desperate needs of the unwanted and abused. Here is just one of the stories about this wonderful place:
Abe, Daisy, Black Beauty and Ms Piggy.These 4 pigs were part of a high school agricultural program. The kids involved did not understand that when these pigs were at "weight" and went to the "show" that they were making a one way trip to the slaughter house. When they found this out some were devastated. Searching wildly for help in the Miami area finally resulted in a caring individual going to the auction and buying all 4 and sending them here for sanctuary. Much transpired between the beginning and end of that story. One of the pigs was stabbed by unknown assailants on the school grounds and was refused medical care.. students scorned the kids who tried to save their "friends" and other animals were murdered. All with no apparent concern by the school. But the 4 pigs who were befriended by their care givers were saved and the rest have long since ceased to exist.
Sometimes all it takes is the effort.
Today, a year later (2005) they are growing and happy pigs, surrounded by others of their own kind and free to wander the woods, play in the stream and graze the lush pastures of our Tennessee sanctuary. For more info about this wonderful place please visit:

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