Friday, February 13, 2009

Forgotten Angels Animal Rescue & Education

One of the problems facing us today is that we have become a "throw away" society. We throw away our marriages, children and animals. We look for the easy way out of all our problems and commitments. No longer do we work to find solutions to our problems or ways to keep commitments. It has become much to easy just to throw things away like we throw away a paper plate when finished using it. Millions of animals every year are thrown away, including the pet pig, dogs, cats and others. Many are euthanized because they have no one to care. No one to give them a home. Shelters and sanctuaries are busting at the seams and many have no alternatives but to euthanize to make room for yet more animals that are just abandoned, neglected and tossed away like the used paper plate. It is the goal of Forgotten Angels to not only help with rescue and placement but to help to educate the general public. In educating we hope that people will stop before making a commitment and think about it and make an informed decision. One where they will know the facts first and to know there are solutions and ways and means of solving problems. to learn more visit:

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