Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hello everyone I would like you to meet Lynne and Leila. Lynne runs Noahs Ark Pot Bellied Pig Rescue. I emailed her and asked her for a story about a pig in need at her place and this was the first one that came to mind. her is Leila story.
She was running loose in a neiborhood and she kept coming up to this one ladies house. They fed her and really liked her but their fences would not keep her in very well and she would come and go. They finally found out where she lived and took her back home. She would not stay there. The people were very concerned something was going to happen to her and kept taking her back home.
The people who owned her finally told the people who kept bringing her home to shoot her and eat her if they wanted as they could not keep her in the yard and they did not want her anymore.
Well, sadly she got attacked by something and was cut up alot and had teeth marks all over her.
So, the lady who liked her and wanted to keep her knew she needed medical care and called everyone she could think of and finally called my daughter who she met through some mutual friends.
I told her I could not take another pig but she begged me as this pig was injured and she was afraid another attack might kill her.
So, I went to get her and she eluded us. Next day we tried again and were successful.
She was injured pretty bad and was infected all over.
She has done quite well and has healed nicely.
She is on a diet to lose weight.
She is a very pretty pig and we named her Leila........
Leila is not spayed and we really need some funds to get her spayed.
She seems to be around 5 or 6 years old. Now is the time to spay her before she gets tumors or cysts from not being spayed. If you would like to help Leila please visit: http://www.noahsarkpbprescue.org/

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