Sunday, February 1, 2009

Artistic Glass Impressions By Yvonne

This pendant is a stunning piece! I love the combination of red stripes and splashes on a turquoise blue backgroud.The 22K gold butterflies and flowers add a garden feel.It has a gold plated bail. .If you would prefer a silver bail, I can change it for you.If you want it on a beaded necklace, I can list a custom order for fused glass? Fused glass is the process of taking sheets of glass and attaching (fusing) them together as one piece. The glass is melted, in a kiln, at a very high temperature. It usually takes several firings to achieve the desired effect. Once the glass is fused, it is completely smooth on the front. The backside has a slight texture, which varies with the type of glass used. I make sure my glass is properly annealed. All of my glass pendants are handcrafted in my studio using fused glass. Each pendant is signed by the artist. for more wonderful necklaces visit:

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