Friday, January 30, 2009

Hearts on Noses Sanctuary

The Hearts On Noses sancutuary was started in 2002 by janice Gellett with her first pot bellied pig "Willy", a unkempt stray she discovered on the property when she moved in. in Janices own word's "her passion for helping animals started long ago".
" I guess it all started back when I realized what that black ball of fur was curled up on our living room carpet. I loved you smokey! My life has always had animals in it, from saving bird fallen from nests to the hamsters my brothre had, and of course every kitten I could find skipping home from school. Who would have thougt that little black pig who I found running around the property I just moved into would be the start of one of my biggest love affairs. After all this a pig not a cat , dog or horse which is why I moved here in ther first place. In all my life in every birthday candle wish it was horses I dreamed about. Long flowing manes, tails flying in the wind the shear grace and beauty of them captured my heart. It was not whispered from my lips as I blow the candle out that I really wanted a big, black grunting spoiled and cheeky black pig. I love you Willy, More then you know.... Welcome to my world as life with pigs unfolded.. visit for more info about this wonderful place. Here is another chance to win on my b-day bash blog, you need to tell me what post you saw on what date in order to get this extra chance. ;8)

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  1. Wow, Shannon, you have come a long way with your blogging, no longer a beginner...rock on!