Friday, January 22, 2010

Wire crochet Bollywood cuff in summer colors by Catswire

"Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam ...."

Yes, I admit it, this cuff does remind me of Indian summer and Bollywood with its bright orange, red and yellow colors.

catswire hand crocheted it from orange metallic coated copper wire and worked in silver lined red, yellow, orange and clear beads.

The cuff is 7.3 inch or 18.5 cm long, 1.1 inch or 2.8 cm wide and finished off with a silver colored lobster clasp.

Pink and Dichroic Glass Heart Pendant by SpiritEssenceArt

Soft pink glass heart with striking accent pieces of Dichroic glass fused on top. This caught my eye right away what an neat pendant. It has all of my favorite colors. Please visit for more of these awesome products.


Wilbur, a "miniature" just a few weeks old.......NOW.....on the right, is the same pig at only 3 years old. visit and watch the video and read some of the articles Remember, do not believe breeders that tell you a pig will stay tiny. Breeders will often misinform you of proper feeding instructions for a potbellied pig in order to attempt to keep the pig tiny. However, a underfed pig is a very unhealthy pig and
can be aggressive due to being hungry all the time -

In Memory of Andrew--Beau Beau Bags-Rice Therapy Bag in Michael Miller First Sights--pig and scene by MLM

These little Beau Beau bags are perfect for those little 'beau beaus'. Okay, I know, what is a "beau beau"? Well, I grew up not saying "boo-boo" but "Beau Beau" (pronounced like Beau Bridges, the actor!) Don't ask me why, maybe its a southern thing....that's just how we said it!

This little beau beau bag is 5x5 inches and made from Michael Miller's First Sights cotton. Both serged and machine stitched for security. The bag is filled with rice and you can microwave the bag for 30 seconds at a time until it reaches the heat you'd like for your beau beau. Or, store it in the freezer as my son likes to use it as.
This bag is special. All net profits of the sale of this sale will be donated to a very special family, the Akin's. Here is part of their story--
"Andrew Preston Akin was born June 5, 2007. At 10 weeks he became very sick and almost died of liver failure. We soon learned that the cause was a genetic disease called HLH." His brother also carries this genetic mutation. You can read all about Andrew's story at and drop his family a message of hope.

All net profits of the sale of this sale will go straight to Andrew's family to help with the cost of medical, travel, and other expenses naturally acquired during the care of a sick child.

September 5th, 2009, Andrew has left this world and fought a hard fight. We will continue to create and sew in Andrew's memory, and for his big brother, Matthew, who is still fighting the good fight. please visit: for more awesome products

Rooterville Sanctuary

it has beena little bit since I visited I foudn some really cool stuff there. I found a site for vegan products and recipes. I read some really awsome animal stories Rooterville is a beautiful place, providing safe haven for over 100 rescued animals. They provide medical treatment and proper nourishment for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals of all species, particularly pot bellied pigs, as well as assist in the rescue, transport, placement and spaying/neutering of rescued animals.

Hawaiian Paradise Hand-Poured Soy Candle in a Coconut Shell by skyline candles

Wow a Candle made in a coconut shell!! This is skylines candles Hawaiian Paradise nestled in this sweet coconut shell! Hawaiian Paradise is a smooth Tropical blend of coconut, mango and sweet citrus! Reminds me of a good tanning lotion! Hawaiian Paradise is blue in color and is a must have for any beach lover!

All of our candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax and in small batches to ensure the finest hand-poured candle.

Why do we use soy? Soy is an all natural product grown here in the United States. We feel that it is very important to support our local farmers and buy all natural soy wax that is grown and produced here in the Great USA! Soy candles also burn clean and are a healthy choice for you and your family! Our coconut shell candles are 6oz candles get between 40 and 60 hour burn time.
Each coconut shell is wrapped in tulle with a custom label, ready for gift giving!

Skyline Candle Company makes the very finest quality hand-poured candles available. Our candles capture the warmth and fresh mountain aroma of the Shenandoah Valley, making your house feel more like a home. for more of these awesome candles please visit:

Farm Sanctuary Our 2009 Walk Results Are In

The annual Walk for Farm Animals is one of Farm Sanctuary's most important outreach events each year. In addition to educating people about the realities of factory farming, the Walk helps raise money that supports our farm animal protection work, literally saving innocent lives with each dollar raised. Over the years, the Walk has helped to underwrite our mission.

But, honestly, this year we were a little nervous. The economy tanked, people were out of work. We just didn't know if our supporters would be able to be as generous with us as they always have been in the past.

Well, it's my absolute pleasure to be able to report that the Walk raised more money than any previous Walk, and we also had many more people participating.

We raised in excess of $330,000 (gross income), and more than 3600 people took to the streets to send an incredibly powerful message of hope for farm animals.

Every single person who participated — whether by organizing a Walk, taking part in a local Walk or donating to the Walk — has helped us make a difference in the lives of farm animals. And every dollar raised counts equally to support the work we do. for more about this awesome story or others like ti please visit:

valentines day tags by Lovetostamp

These are so awesome. How cute and creative.
These tags are truly one of a kind. Lovetostamp hand cut these tags from cardstock that she hand walnut stained! Since she did cut these by hand they are not the exact same size but the difference can't be told unless helf together in a stack! she also cut the corners so they are not perfect but I feel this gives it a great feel and look to them!

Measures 3 1/8 in x 2 1/4in! You will recieve a set of 6! The heart was stamped and embossed with clear powder then I ink over in the pink to fill in the areas that were white! I then inked the edges of the scalloped circle and the tags in red and finished them off with happy valentines day in black!! for more of Lovetosamps awesome items please visit:

New Little Orphan Hammies Website

WHat an awesome place. Lil Orphan Hammies has a new and wonderful website. You can go and see pigtures of the pigs and thier cute and creative houses. Sue Parkinson is also a fellow artist. I have a couple of her shirts and I love them. Lil Orphan Hammies goes above and beyond when taking care of these piggers. Check out the new site I think you will love it as much as I do.

Simply SMmss Accessories

These are so cute. I love styling my hair what a cute addition to any hair style.

These snap clips are made to order so each one can be a little different. for more of these awesome items please visit: