Friday, January 22, 2010

In Memory of Andrew--Beau Beau Bags-Rice Therapy Bag in Michael Miller First Sights--pig and scene by MLM

These little Beau Beau bags are perfect for those little 'beau beaus'. Okay, I know, what is a "beau beau"? Well, I grew up not saying "boo-boo" but "Beau Beau" (pronounced like Beau Bridges, the actor!) Don't ask me why, maybe its a southern thing....that's just how we said it!

This little beau beau bag is 5x5 inches and made from Michael Miller's First Sights cotton. Both serged and machine stitched for security. The bag is filled with rice and you can microwave the bag for 30 seconds at a time until it reaches the heat you'd like for your beau beau. Or, store it in the freezer as my son likes to use it as.
This bag is special. All net profits of the sale of this sale will be donated to a very special family, the Akin's. Here is part of their story--
"Andrew Preston Akin was born June 5, 2007. At 10 weeks he became very sick and almost died of liver failure. We soon learned that the cause was a genetic disease called HLH." His brother also carries this genetic mutation. You can read all about Andrew's story at and drop his family a message of hope.

All net profits of the sale of this sale will go straight to Andrew's family to help with the cost of medical, travel, and other expenses naturally acquired during the care of a sick child.

September 5th, 2009, Andrew has left this world and fought a hard fight. We will continue to create and sew in Andrew's memory, and for his big brother, Matthew, who is still fighting the good fight. please visit: for more awesome products

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  1. Thank you piggy for sharing this :) Matthew is still very ill and in the hospital again.