Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bailey Bowls

okay I had to show you guys this. I have one of these and baily's bowls can make one for you as well.
I still see birds flying around and chirping around my area so I'm sure they will be amused to have one of these to feed on. This piggy bird feeder will hold bird seeds inside its mouth. The carrot sticking out of its mouth is for the birds to perch on and so are the sprawled out legs. The pig's body is wheel thrown. The features and limbs have been sculpted on. The carrot top is made of fabric. The pig is held up by a super strong wire so squirrels cannot chew through it. Measurements:9" wide from feet to feet7" tall to tip of ear4" deep from carrot tip to tailmouth is 6" wide and 4" tallcarrot is about 2.5" long not including the carrot top. to see this and other awesome products made by
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