Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B-Day Huge Bash Giveaway

Hello everyone I am so excited to be doing this. My Birthday is this week. I want to celebrate it by having a big blog giveaway. This is also my first giveaway so I hope you all help make a b-day wish a great one. ;8) Oink!
It is easy and I bet you are going to love the prizes. I am going to make the winners there very own watercolor porktraits. lol (You provide the picture or idea and I will make it for you). For every 10 comments I get on the blog post for b-day bash I am going to add another watercolor. So if there are 50 comments I will make 5 watercolors. The watercolors I am giving away are 9 inches by 12 inches
Now for the rules:
What you have to do to get a ticket is go to my blog and read a post then tell me what you liked about the post.
I need you to post the comment on the b-day bash giveaway comment section, so I can find it.
You have to leave me some way to get back in touch with you if you win.
You can enter multiple comments about different post for more chances to win. Each comment gets you another chance to win.
You must really read the post and post a good comments please, beacuse I am going to hide a extra chance to win in a couple of the post. I will be moving that extra chance to win from post to post. you will need to comment on b-day bash post when you find the extra chance to win and tell me what post you saw it on, and on what day, once the extra chance is moved you have missed your chance for that one.
If you purchase somthing from one of the etsy shops I have listed on my blog put that in the comments for another chance to win. You need to show me which item you purchased for this extra entery.
If you follow this blog you get another chance to win. You must tell me in the comment that you are following the blog just so I do not miss it.
I will pay to ship the porktrait to you if you are one of the winners. you can check out my etsy shop if you want to see what I can do using watercolor by visiting my shop:
How am I going to pick the winner you guys are going to love this. I am going to carve the numbers into apple and let the pigs pick the winners. we are going to try and get it on video for you to watch and also I am going to take pigtures. The piggers will be doing the drawing on March 25th.


  1. Giving away presents on YOUR birthday?! No way!!!

  2. I like the story about Noah and the baby bunny. We all need a safe place to be :) sweet.
    Happy Birthday Shannon!

  3. I'm in..unless i am very very conufsed LOL Do i havetopsot them twice ?? Once on the psot I love and once back here so you can see it??

  4. Nope you only need to tell me what you liked on this post not the other.;8)

  5. That wya I am not trying to find the other post put all the comments on the b-day bash post Please

  6. I love the story of the Noah and the little bunnies.... bunnies are so cute.. my brother has two and the little girls have such personalities.. happy birthday shannon... You made a pikture of my little doggie and she came out so cute... Also check out my new shop

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't believe Noah and the bunnies! How incredibly precious! That story made me smile. :o) Happy Birthday, Shannon!! And thanks again for my pigture of Cookie! <3 ~Courtney

  8. This is so exciting. How very creative of you. I've followed your blog from the very first that I stumbled upon it. I have a pet pig so "Pigtopia" drew me right in.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Hi Shannon,
    I was really touched by Noah taking in the 3 kittens - that is just so special. Pigeons are just lovely intelligent beings and Noah knew what was best from the very beginning!

    I also loved the story of Wyatt, so glad the kidney stones have broken down. And so good that you have seen it all before and knew what to do! That (usually) makes all the difference. Interesting to hear about the infections being rather common too!

    and I also noticed on your 4 March post on CAR you mentioned the birthday watercolour!

    I've had your piggie watercolours in a couple of my treasuries, they are delightful! and so good to see someone caring for pigs. Pigs are beautiful.

    I think this is a great giveaway - thanks for making it such fun!!! I don't always have time to read the blogs on my list so this is great to catch up, thanks.

    kind regards,

  10. I can say from experience that the comfort safety pig harness is great. We tried many other styles of pig harnesses, a few of which I think were really dog harnesses. That extra piece at the top (near the pig's head) is small but make a big difference for the pig. Other harnesses would twist around and chafe Kirby in the "arm pit" area. We now have this harness in many colors. Sad to say Kirby is growing up and wears and XL now.

  11. How nice of you! I love my sandlewood shea soap - it smells and lathers GREAT.

  12. Shannon,
    I love all your posts. We are safe haven to senior and special needs bassets.
    I bought a custom watercolor to use as a pledge prize for out McWaddle today.


  13. ummmm... did someone say "Give away"?????
    I'm in!!!!!
    and Happppppppyyyy Birthday!!!!

    Kim my very first dog was a Basset named Fred.. my second dog was a Basset named Barney
    and yes they did look and act just like the cartoon characters years ago lol

    I too have had my dog Jonny porktraited by the famous popcorn poppin, pig lovin, watermelon wine drinkin, craftin special Pigatopia.... she's the best...

    Oh and not to make anyone Jealous or anything.. but I also have one of the first autographed copies of the famous Pigatopia book....and one of them fabulous pig hats with the squiggly tail on the back.. She has also been gracious enough to donate a copy to the site to help other animals in need..

    So I guess it doesn't suprise me that your "giving" something else away... you just can't help yourself can ya!!

  14. Hi Shannon!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

    I love your entire blog, but I think the article I like most (today) is "Pig Brushes". When we had our piggy, Ziggy, she just loved to be scratched and brushed! It brought back wonderful memories of spending time with her in the sun enjoying each others company :)

    I too have a copy of Pigatopia....and I LOVE it!!! Almost as much as I love my painting Shannon made for me of my 2 four legged babies :)

    Thanks for being so AWESOME Shannon!! The world needs more people like you in it!!!