Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Pyrenees In Need

Hi Everyone, There was a bust at a Hoarders facility in KY you can google Clean Slate Rescue and read all the disturbing info about it :( There are>two female Great Pyrenees (one is definately pregnant and the other might be) that. Gentle Giants, Inc. will be receiving this Saturday from this situation...Both the dogs have mange, they have been dipped but they will need grooming and continued treatment, they also will have to be thouroughly vet checked, the transport is $150 to get them here. Here is a link for the video of what is going on in KY..the Pyrs are in it and you will see the hairloss on the ears . ******UPDATE****** The girls arrived and what a mess they are we named one MYSTERY and she is VERY pregnant and has alot of hair loss due to mange......JUNEAU has a spot where she has no hair on her back, but other than that she has her fur. They are the sweetest girls...we> will have to xray JUNEAU to see if she is pregnant or not because by looking at her and feeling her belly we cannot tell,just about every female coming out of that place is pregnant.*** Please help if you can. Please click Fundable link below

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