Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gallastar Equine Center

allastar is a center for therapeutic horseback riding that has specialized in serving young people with cognitive and emotional difficulties since 1994. Based in Afton, Virginia, Gallastar was one of the first in the nation to form a true collaboration between the mental health community and therapeutic riding in what is now called equine assisted psychotherapy. Through both mounted and unmounted activities at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of horsemanship, young riders benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence, increased self-awareness, and an increased sense of mastery and control. With the horses acting as “partners” in therapy, children indirectly but openly express their own emotional needs. As they bond with their special horse, they develop a true sense of empathy and attachment for an animal which many come to love. The emergence and examination of these developmental processes are vital as children and young adults begin to establish meaningful and positive relationships with others. For more info about this awesome place please visit: http://www.gallastar.org/

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