Wednesday, March 11, 2009

S.C.A.M.P.P. Needs Our Help

There have been several foreclosures in the area where many pigs have been left behind. The number of homeless pigs now total about 100. We are collecting donations on behalf of the Apple Valley foreclosure (25 pigs) and French Valley foreclosure (16 pigs). In addition to the foreclosures we also managed to rescue some abused pigs from a "backyard breeder" (20 pigs - ALL female, most pregnant). And there are the pigs we rescued from the Elsinore Animal Shelter (2 female pigs - both pregnant). Additionally we have just discovered a home where they have 50 pigs and are only zoned for 20. Unfortunately SCAMPP does not have funds or property to house large numbers of pigs such as these. We are collecting donations to help with feed, veterinarian needs, housing needs and trying to find adoptive homes for these pigs. Some are being temporarily fostered, but cannot be kept there for a long length of time. We have lots of baby piglets if anyone wants piglets!! Donations can be made via Paypal on our SCAMPP website ( or mailed to our mailing address which is: SCAMPP, 8304 Limonite Ave, Suite D-Box 21, Riverside, CA 92509. If donations are to be earmarked for a specific group of pigs, please designate which particular rescue effort to disburse donations to. We can only disburse what we receive and 100% of all donations received will go to these rescue efforts.
IN ADDITION: I am donating 2 watercolor paitings to SCAMPP to help pay for the care these pigs are going to need. They will be raffling them off at there next meeting.
I now have a link for you to read articles about what is going on in this post visit:
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  1. so many piggies!
    wishing them all homes asap including the babies!

    didn't George Clooney have a piggy pal?? could he help at all??? take in a mum and baby perhaps?
    (just a thought, hope it's a good one)

    best wishes, Annette

  2. George Clooney did have a pigger, his X-girl friend gave to him. The pigger lived a long a wonderful life. I have said many times that he was one of my heros. I have said many times That he should get another pig. The word in the pig community is that he feels he might be getting to old to get new kids. If something happened to him who would take care of his kid. George Please get another pigger they will help you live longer. ;8) Oink!

  3. I cross posted for them too Shannon .. what a mess so many needing homes!! Thank you so much from pigs everywhere for helping them they way you do!