Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trimming Pig Hooves and Tusks

I have got request a few times asking me how do I trim the pigs hooves? Or do I did to take my pig to the vet? You do not need to take your pig to the vet to trim it hooves. the first thing you need to purchase is a really good grip of hoof trimmers. like these:

This is a video to show you how to trim your pigs hooves.

it is a very easy and if you feel you are still not comfortable trimming hooves there are a few pig people around that will trim your pigs hooves like noahs ark pot bellied pig sanc.


  1. I've never seen anything like that video. I'm so lucky with Kirby. When she was little I would trim her hooves while she was asleep. Now my husband rubs her tummy and I trim her hooves.

  2. that is so awesome. It is great when you can start young and train them not let be afraid. I do not flip my pigs the way you see in the video. All of mine are either to afraid of people to allow this or they are to big to pick up. What I do is get them to lay down for a belly rub. I wait for them to relax and put my hand under there side and roll them upside down like a beer keg. I roll vinny my biggest pigger (250lbs) by myself and as long as he does not see anyone watching him he just sits there being good not saying a word. as soon as he sees somone looking at him he starts complaining. lol

  3. oh the ones that are afraid are pgs that were abused. They will come and gently take food from you if they know you but they will not let you pet them. If they do not know you then they run.