Friday, July 10, 2009


The BHR crew is gearing up for a weekly throw down! That's right... we just love goodhearted competition and talking smack to each other.Each member of the crew will be picking a little something something to feature every Monday in the Face Off and we need you to vote for your favorite item!How does the crew pick? Each featured item is something that has caught a crew members' eye. With such a diverse crew and tastes that run a huge gambit, things are bound to be interesting....Why? Completely for fun and because any BHR host just loves to beat another host! Bragging rights, baby! It also helps us to achieve the BHR mission of exposing indie artisans to the world!The featured selection that gets the most votes will get hooked up with several plugs on the air, some linkage on the BHR page, and an invitation to call in and tell us a bit more about themselves and their craft!Of course the crew is counting on your votes too. Who will be the first to get their bragging rights? So you wanna see what pigatopia picks check it out and vote for my pick hehehe oink. ;8)

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