Friday, July 10, 2009

Save The Piggies Giveaway

This is a very special giveaway. I was given this save the pigs pendant by patsdesign. This will be the main item given away for this giveaway. sooooo cute, I had a great time trying to create this little piggy.. It is on a 3/4 copper disc. I added a 16inch sterling silver box chain, if you want it longer please let me know. A great way to create a cute little animal with letter stamps. I can add anything you want to it! OINK by .

Here is what makes his giveaway so special.

Noahs Ark PBP Sanctuary in Port Richey Florida is having a really bad year. They have a lot of residents that are getting up there in years and are starting to have major health problems. wanted to help so on top of donating a pendant for the giveaway she desided she would donate $3.00 of every pig pendant sold to noahs ark pbp sanct. Is that awesome or what.

okay here are the giveaway rules:

First go to Pats designs shop and find something you like and post comment with link to the item on this giveaway comments section. Extra chances: If you purchase item let me know for extra chance to win item. Twitter and/or Plurk about this item. Follow this blog. or You can enter multiple comments about different items or post for more chances to win. Each comment gets you another chance to win.
I will pay to ship the items to you no charge.
How am I going to pick the winner you guys are going to love this. I am going to carve the numbers into apple and let the pigs pick the winners. we are going to try and get it on video for you to watch and also I am going to take pigtures. The piggers will be doing the drawing on July 25th
As always I will be giving away extra prizes. ;8)
P.S. if you have not figured it out already I give out extra free prizes.
please feel free to add your shop links to the comments section


  1. I didn't go to Pat's shop but I do love that baby pig.

    Anne ^i^

  2. She has a great Shop!!! I love this

    and I am gonna go tweet :)

    Great thing she is doing for the piggies :)

  3. What a great site! Beautifully made items!
    I love the simplicity of this item!

  4. I already recently won, so you don't need to enter my name, but I wanted to let you know that I posted a "thank you" for the Charlie print that I won:

    Thanks so much!

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  8. FYI: There are a couple of pigs that will have to be put down 8/27 if a home can't be found. Just in case you know of anyone: