Thursday, January 13, 2011


Looking around artfire tonight and found this awesome artwork.
artist says:
* It is said that trees are the earth's effort to speak to heaven. I call these my TREE OF LIFE agates. It is truely one of a kind. This tree has roots that are growing over two rocks that I found on Assateague Island. They are polished smooth from the many years of being in the ocean. Near the roots; is a dragon ready to take flight. In the tree tops is a hawk or eagle keeping an eye out below. The agate is approximately 4" round. Wire, solder, copper & stones comprise this piece. No glue is used at all. Everything is soldered together. There is a wire heart with the letter J which is my signature & truely created from my heart. With this piece is a note card that will say:

* Tree of Life on Agate *

* Agate is one of the oldest recorded stones. Agate is associated with strength, gives protection & inner vision.
It has been said that trees are the earth's effort to speak to heaven.
* Dragons, it has been said, have the same senses as humans do ~ sight, smell, touch, hearing, & taste. But some dragons have a sixth sense, which is being able to read the emotion of another being. Some are fire breathers, like the Red Dragon or Fire Drake. They are mystical & take people to another World.
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