Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegas Pigs as Pets

I just spent a bunch of time reading and watching the videos on this site and I love it so informative right to the point. The #1 Reason People Give up their Pigs:
Did you know an unspayed female pig goes into heat
every 21 days?
Did you ever smell an unneutered boar? Do you think dogs humping everything is unacceptable behavior? Pigs are 10x worse!

No pig makes a good pet if not spayed/neutered!

You cannot own an unfixed potbelly here without a permit!
And, if you see a piglet for sale is under 8 lbs, do NOT buy it! It's too young and yes, it's also now illegal for anyone to sell a piglet under 8 lbs!
Please See our Veterinarian Page for specialists who can help you!

The following video is of Tank (the terror), he was not even 6 months yet, dumped off at a shelter just because of this non-stop aggression and hormonal behavior! If you fix your potbelly piglet as young as possible, you will never have this problem! They not only make a better pet, it will be almost half the price! We can eliminate the need for so many unwanted pigs if owners and breeders would
just fix their pigs when they are piglets! Spay & Neuter please!
And before you just turn your pig into a shelter, please read this... for more on the top 3 reasons please visit:

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