Friday, January 14, 2011

Launching The New Year Pigatopia Style

Hello everyone I hope this year brings you love n happiness. I have done many contest in the past. For this contest I am going to change it up a bit. I want you to help me pick a name for my new shop. This is meant to be a fun. Like all contest in the past the pigs will be picking the winner. I will carve a number in a apple for each person who enters and let the pig pick the winner. This does not mean this will be the name I will pick for the shop. SO have fun picking names. you can enter on either this blog post or you can post on comments in facebook linkage.

Keep this in mind when picking name look at my art:

If you were going to name the shop that would sell my art what would you call it? maybe you have a direction you would like to see me take my art this year. Please remember this blog is family oriented so keep it clean please. The winner will be winning a 9x12 watercolor portrait. on 400 series paper. If I get over 25 entries I will add another painting. DRAWING will be on Feb. 17th The limit to what I can paint is only limited by your imagination ;8)

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