Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fountain of Youth Goats Milk Soap on a Pouf by AmbientLights

Fountain of Youth A luxury Spa type scent that is unique and wonderful! Based on fresh, clean scents with a just a hint of Japanese Grapefruit and soft florals. Everyone who smells this loves it, me included!
Soap Poufs are made with high quality glycerin Goats Milk Hand and Body Soap and a nylon shower pouf. This soap is great by itself but I've added a couple more good for the skin oils such as castor oil and soybean oil, which contains natural vitamin E.Each Pouf is embedded in 3oz of soap. Ambient Lights Goats Milk Soap rinses wonderfully from your skin and leaves you feeling extra clean and silky smooth, the fragrance will fill your shower and will linger softly on your skin afterwards.The added bonus of Soap on a Pouf is once you've used all your soap, you still have your pouf to use! for more of these awesome products please visit:

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