Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oliver The Pig by Noahs Ark Pot Bellied Pig

I thought this wasa good example of the awesome work Noahs Ark does everyday:
This is Oliver Before

He is only one year old and had lived in a 8' by 8' pen all his little life. Filthy dirty and spilling his water all the time.......peeing in the water and then drinking it. The food we saw in the bowl had soured. Oliver had called the attention to animal control as they were called out because Oliver had been attacked in his pen by the neighbors pit bull dog. Animal control asked that the owners call a vet and have Oliver checked out as he was mauled pretty good. The owners never did call a vet. Oliver sat out there with flies all over him and open wounds for 11 days till I got involved . I really could not take in anymore pigs but what could I do........I got the owners to relinquish Oliver and I took him home. The owners said they could not afford vet care for the pig because SHE was PREGNANT. It is a shame that an animal has to endure things like this. Oliver was not his name. The owners called him Stinky.........why would he want a name like that.......of course he smelled with the awful way the owners kept him. That soon changed. Oliver as he is known now received a good bath which he enjoyed and his wounds were cleaned real good. He was put on antibiotics and scheduled for an appointment to be neutered. After his neutering he continued to gain nice weight with some nutritional pig food. Clean water which he was not used to. After a few weeks of isolation to heal his wounds and take the time for his neutering to calm his hormones Oliver was let out and never fought with one pig........he seemed so happy to the Life he had come into. Oliver today is a very friendly and happy pig......comes when called and loves to just hang out with you while you are doing chores. He looks quite different today . His ears still show what he endured ......the other bites and rips have now healed. by Lynne Noahs Arkpbp Sanctuary. now Noahs Ark is in despirate need of donations please visit:

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