Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. Mission Statement Encouraging compassion for all animals

Rooterville is a beautiful place, providing safe haven for over 100 rescued animals. We provide medical treatment and proper nourishment for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals of all species, particularly pot bellied pigs, as well as assist in the rescue, transport, placement and spaying/neutering of rescued animals. We have helped with many large rescues including the placement of hundreds of abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted pet pigs. Believe it or not, there are way too many unwanted pot bellied pigs and we are one of only a handful of rescues that will help them. While there are many more rescue options available for dogs and cats, there are few for pigs. This is why the work we do at Rooterville is so very important and why we strive to educate the general public with respect to the true nature and characteristics of the potbellied pig and pigs in general and stress the importance of spaying and neutering them to prevent the birth of even more unwanted pets. Rooterville has many wonderful spayed/neutered pet pigs available for adoption to loving homes. Animals who do not get adopted will live their lives out here at the Sanctuary.
Often, we have helped pet pigs stay in their homes by providing adequate fencing, shelter and spay/neuter for those animals who, with our assistance, are then able to stay in their current homes. We also spend many hours providing education and support to pig guardians to help them cope with health and behavioral issues in an effort to keep animals in their current homes, as long as they are loved and will be properly cared for with our intervention and follow-up.
A large part of our time is dedicated to educating the general public on the nature and sentience of all animals as well as their need for compassionate treatment, particularly pigs, in comparison to modern factory farming, circuses, entertainment, etc. and we provide information and resources free of charge.
The BEST thing that you can do for your health, for the animals, for the planet and for the future is to adopt a plant based diet. At Rooterville, we believe that the most important thing we can do is to encourage the compassionate lifestyle of a vegetarian/vegan through: example, education, exhibiting, tabling, peaceful demonstration and outreach events whenever and wherever possible.
Through our network of other friends and rescues, we provide a means by which those interested in helping pot bellied pigs or other species of animals, can share information and join in common activities to help achieve the goals of no more homeless animals and the elimination of animal suffering at the hands of human kind.
Please join us as! The animals need us.

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