Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walk For The Animals by Farm Sanctuary's

For more than two decades, Farm Sanctuary’s annual Walk for Farm Animals has helped spread the word about the treatment of animals on factory farms and raised vital funds for our rescue, education and advocacy work. The Walks are an important part of Farm Sanctuary’s history and our outreach and fundraising efforts. They are also a great way for supporters to help send a positive message of compassion and hope for farm animals. Each year, the Walks are more successful, attracting more participants and raising more money to help abused animals. They are positive events that bring together people who care about what factory farming is doing to animals, people and the environment. Walks occur across the U.S. and in Canada in September and October. If you are interested in participating in a Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals, please check out the Find a 2009 Walk page to see if there is an event in your community. You can register either online, or through the mail by contacting your local Walk coordinator. If there is not a Walk scheduled in your area and you would like to organize one, please visit the Coordinator Info page or email
Not able to join a Walk? We still need your help! Please donate to our 2009 Walk for Farm Animals to help us meet our fundraising goal. More than ever, farm animals need your support.

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