Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jungle Mini Quilt by Sewhappydesign

I just love this awesome item: Sewhappy made a jungle quilt with this fabric for a little baby named Noah. I loved the fabric and have few pieces left, but enough to make this little lovely. It’s big enough to cover a little one, but small enough for him/her to drag around. The back of the quilt has fun monkeys, making it reversible.The quilt front and back are a soft pre-washed cotton flannel fabric. The inside is a low-loft poly batting that gives it the look of a mini comforter. It measures 23” x 27” and would be perfect for a stroller or car seat.My children loved having a little satin ribbon on their quilts to rub as they fell asleep. I have added a soft gold ribbon near the top for just that purpose.Don’t be mistaken on the size, this is a sturdy wash and dry quilt. To see more of these awesome items please visit :


  1. Thanks for the Sewhappy feature of my jungle quilt Shannon!
    Many hugs to a great BHR Stalker-