Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oil City Rescue Update

When we got the email from Tracy McDaniel and Pepper, we knew it would take a miracle to save these pigs in Oil City, Louisanna. Tracy and Pepper jumped right in and soon other volunteers jumped in to help. I put the word out to our groups that not only volunteers was needed but we needed funds. With the economy the way it is, we were turned down on all but one grant that we wrote for. It was enough to cover all the neutering and transport. Tracy and Steve bought food and pools and others picked up plywood and other needed materials.Then Tracy and Steve decided to go and help to round them up. Then the second surprise came when they decided to go back and help with the hauling. What troopers they were. Pepper and Kelly took care of the everyday feeding and watering until the pigs could be vetted and blood testing done. Then came the big transport days. We found homes for 6 in Cave Springs, GA and 4 more found a home with a gal named Heather in GA. Kim Pohle said she would take and help place any we didn't find homes for. Elaine and Dale West of Rooterville agreed to take and place 10. Even the veterinarian's assistant took one of the sows that delivered five babies the day they began their journey. This could never have happened without all of them jumping in to help. One little guy had a penis problem and Dr. Joan Poster of CT. decided to take him and do some surgery on him and give him a forever home with her and her family.We owe a big thank you to all of the following people who helped one way or the other. for more info about this please visit:


  1. Oh poor babies!!!!

    my girl has a silpada business she only uses for fundraising and buying her own baubles... she is HAPPY to help!

    snort snort woof.

  2. that is so awesome