Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on Noahs ark surgeries this year - noahs ark pbp sanctuary

Surgeries this year...........Mary Jane was spayed and wound up doing awful........thought I was going to lose her but she rallied and is doing fine now. Leila was spayed also and had multiple problems..........had to have Vit. K injections.......was tough going but she is doing fine also.
Hannibal had to have surgery under his chin for a MASSIVE abcess that I could not cut open was a nasty mess. Dr. Kennedy brought me out a big bowl of goop that looked like raw hamburger..........yuk. He is still not out of the woods and then Jake.........with his surgery . He is doing the best and the quickest recovery of them all. I cannot imagine the pain he was in. Kennedy took the x-rays. This is when he found the bone growing to where he was biting on is a wonder he ate at all........ He seems to be enjoying life so much more now. I have been to the vets every week now for over a month in a row. Next Tues. Daisy Charlene has to go in for some wicked nasty sores on her that crust over and then start bleeding.......... No telling what that will be....... if you would like to help them please visit:


  1. Poor little critters - I wish them a speedy recovery.

  2. they are so cute and she does her best to help them. seems like she has to take a pig in everyweek all year and that is hard for her since donations are down she is paying out of pocket fro just about everything