Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For those of you who are not familiar with Blockhead Radio it is the most STINKIN AWESOME group of people I have ever met. I advertise on Blockhed radio and have noticed
a HUUGGGGGEEEEEE increase in not only site traffic but sales.
This is a special deal on a block of impressions. You can purchase 5000 impressions and save some's that. We are only offering this deal for the 10 that are in the AF shop. After that it will be normal pricing.Blockhead Radio is all about Independence. We are an independent Internet radio station featuring music from the top rock/pop/jazz indie musicians and our talk shows are about independent artisans, family, and life. BHR uses a pop up player that you can launch and listen too while you work or surf the web. Chat is open 24/7 like the station. Please feel free to share links in chat but keep it kid friendly. What kind of reach does BHR have and why would would you benefit from advertising. BHR is an Internet radio station, so that means people all around the world can listen and do. Our top 5 countries are:1. United States2. Canada3. U.K.4. Israel5. Australia
Please check out this avrtising link and other at:

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