Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Welcomes Harmony Piglets

In early January,-Nosy felt her babies growing inside of her as she probably had many times before on the little farm of horrors. If they managed to survive the deadly deep mud lack of shelter from the element and lack of food they would be torn away from her and butchered.
Nosey and her 16 piggy friends were rescued but what of these little lives growing inside of her. When we took the female pigs down to the University of Tennessee to be spayed and readied for adoption we found that Nosey was pregnant. Nosey refused to give in to any idea of losing her piglets and we were in the very difficult decision of going ahead with the spay which would be dangerous for Nosy and lethal to her piglets or bringing them into a world where we had no place for them to go. Where could we possibly find homes for up to 12 more innocent lives. At that point in time - we hadnt even been able to find homes for all of the ones that we had yet.
That is when Lisa O-Neill of Harmony Sanctuary read an alert put out by Farm Sanctuary and contacted us. The Masons and great folks at Harmony not only agreed to adopt Malcolm and Bethany and Nosey but to let Nosey have her piglets there AND were excited about the prospect. Harmony shares in our belief that these animals are not put here for our consumption and the mission of humane and compassionate education. for more please visit: http://www.gallastar.org/

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  1. so glad Nosy could have her own litter of piglets to keep :)

    thanks Harmony for helping her and the young ones and Malcolm and Bethany.