Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Orphan Hammies

Want to help piggies but cannot get a pig yourself? This is one of the best ways I can think of to help:
Lil Orphan Hammies has many piggys available for sponsorship. A contribution of $ 20. per month will feed and care for your piggy of choice. You will receive a certificate just like the one above (with your pig's picture on it) when you decide to sponsor and also a tee-shirt with a picture of your pig on it. This pig becomes "your" pig and you are welcome to come to LOH and visit her any time you wish. Bring her treats or a new blanket or just come by and hang out. Give out tummy rubs and share in the magic that is Lil Orphan Hammies Sanctuary. You are welcome to call or drop a line or email any time for an update on your pig. Consider giving a sponsorship as a gift. There is a long line-up of pigs needing that special someone… could that be you?To sponsor a pig please complete the form below, (If for any reason the form does not appear to be operating correctly. Please provide the following information)to email or phone 805-693-9953 and ask for Suey. visit:

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