Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oreo wishes everyone a wonderful Spring

It is eight years ago this Easter that Ranger the pig literally found us by showing up in the pasture with our horses. Thanks to his amazing intelligence and good nature and the many amazing people that we have met through him - many many lives have been saved and much suffering averted. In these past three months almost ninety animals have been saved through the networking and efforts of a compassionate and generous community of animal lovers. Updates on the animals from their forever homes let us know that it has all been worthwhile. The faces of those still with us confirm that without a shadow of a doubt. Ron will deliver five of the young female farm pigs to Cindy McCoy in New York on Monday - along with two fellow traveler pigs from Florida on their way to the Tusk and Bristle. We are really about ready to get back to our previous busy lives and enjoy this sunny and warm weather. It is our sincere hope that each of you do the same and we look forward to sharing more good news as the rescues culminate and all of the animals are in their forever homes. This is a time to celebrate all of life and especially those that were saved through the generosity and kindness of so many people who came through for them when it counted. Thanks to you - these new babies that bless us will never know anything but compassion and kindness. As the blossoms cover our cherry and redbud trees here - the horrible memories of what we witnessed this winter begins to fade for us and the clucking of the hens and the antics of the baby goats are what we remember as we close our eyes each night. http://www.gallastar.org/


  1. The work/sacrifices both Lor and her husband handle for the love of all animals is amazing! 80 animals saved and in good homes in the last few monthes, countless hours of worry, crating , trailering and all at a huge expence for there undaunting devotion for all the animals. Not fogetting they are running a huge sanctaury of there and working at paid jobs as well. When do they sleep??? Well not until the animals can do it safely.

  2. Thank you very much Janice yo are so right. They work very hard and There hearts are huge