Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Arrivals

Going once, going twice! Gone! Sold to Rooterville for 10 CENTS! Rooterville Website It was the first auction we attended at Marion County Animal Control. We had been alerted that a female pot bellied pig, 35lbs, was to be sold to the highest bidder. This is the way that Marion County disposes of farm animals that end up there. When the bidding started, the 35lb pig was really about 135lbs! We sure don't need any more pigs, but we didn't want to leave her there in that tiny, hot pen. She was in there with a pitiful looking old boar who had been auctioned the previous week and purchased for 25 CENTS by an employee who was doing the right thing and trying to find him a home. He looked miserable. He is going to stay at Kindred Spirits where he will live out his last years in peace and get some care for his severe arthritis. His new name is Popeye.The female pig came home with us and she'll be going in for a spay soon. She needs a name, so if you'd like to name her, please send your suggestions! BABIES! The little babies you see in the album were born to a rescued sow at Kindred Spirits and they are here getting tame so that they can find a home. The parents are the tiniest pigs we've ever seen so these babies will stay very small. (Its nice to be able to say that for a change! ) So, if you know anyone who would love a little house piggy, please get in touch with us! They are spayed/neutered and ready to go. The suggested adoption fee for them is $295. You can see more of our adoptable piggies by following the link to Petfinder. Of course, if you can't have a piggy where you live, you can sponsor one for a suggested donation of only $25 per month. Such a small amount to make such a big difference in the life of a precious porker! Adoptable Piggies

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