Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yoda and Dot Com Go To School

Our first therapeutic riding session took place on Saturday and Yoda - Dot Com- and Snigglets were eager participants. Their stories were told to the girls who were all the victims of abuse. It was a powerful lesson in sanctuary and healing for the children. Thanks to a generous benefactor - they have a little barn to call their own now but it is not quite ready for them to move into. In the mean time - they are enjoying being in the lime light. Some of our greatest pleasures come from the elderly pigs that have come to reside here. There is no way to explain the peace that comes from spending time with them. My wish for everyone is that there is a Yoda or Dot Com in your life. http://www.gallastar.org/

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  1. I was reading and my daughter came up. She loved the pigs. I hope they are being taken care of.