Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lack of proper hoof care leads to this

Update on Elderly Pigs Caught in Foreclosure.
The first pigs that we took out of the foreclosed farm were the oldest ones that were in dire need of vet care. Two are blind and two had feet which kept them from walkling. We had the vet out to trim the hooves . Although their feet now look like any other pig - Dot Com had been unable to walk for so long that her front legs formed contractures and now her knees will not bend. She will never walk again. This is heartbreaking news but she is now pampered and her life is made as comfortable as possible. Her Aunt Rose would like to outfit her with a cart to get around in and this is something that will be explored. If you know of a pig that has beniffited from this please let us know: pulliaml@juno.com or http://www.gallastar.org/

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