Saturday, April 11, 2009

What I like about Byhand

I have only had been a member of for 3 days now and I love it. There are so many awesome features to byhand. The spotlight is one of my favorite Fellow BHR Artwork This is the new spotlight I just uploaded to my blog.
When I first started byhand I was not sure how to function any part of the website so I sat down and went throught the site help a few times. I also watched an awesome video that shows you how to add pigtures to your blog. The video and the site help were very easy to follow. I felt very confident that I knew how to start my blog. When I was not sure how to do something I contacted soapdeli and she walked me through fixing the problem.
I feel very welcome on byhand I see so many other artist I know already all in one place. We are able to connect to each other and start clubs. This is a great feature. The other day when the BHR chat was not working we were able to go on to byhand's chat room. I had a blast there are so many cool smiley faces. and there is a chime on the chat room so when someone types something it lets you know. this allows you to mutitask.
I love the font size of the website it makes it easy to read. and I also I love that fellow byhand artist post get published on teh main page and scroll down as new post come out. This allows me to see blogs and post that I would normally see.
Byhand is a great place ;8)

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