Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center Reason for Request for Funds We were alerted to a hoarding situation which was going really bad in Oil City LA. Over 30 potbellied pigs, 20+ dogs and 15 cats. We learned that many of the potbellied pigs had been taken to auction. None of the animals have ever been seen by a veterinarian and many are covered in mange. We immediately began to try and raise the funds needed and to start by having the people involved sign a release so we can remove all of the animals there. We have homes waiting for about 15 of the potbellied pigs and many of the dogs and cats after they have been spayed, neutered, blood tested, wormed and have the mange cleared up. We are moving forwarded with the hopes we will be able to raise all the needed funds. Work has begun on finding foster homes for the dogs & cats and a holding place for all the pigs while s/n and blood testing is done. We estimate that a total of twelve thousand three hundred dollars ($12,300.00) will be needed. If you can help with any part of the remaining balance, it would be much appreciated as it is desperately need to cover the balance of all vetting, pens and transportation to save all of these animals.

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  1. Aww I hate hearing stories like this, it makes me so sad. I hope everyone can get a new forever home. My heart goes out to all these animals.