Monday, April 13, 2009

Pet Pig Busy Balls

Pot belly pigs are highly inquisitive and intelligent. When they are in a small area or indoors during bad weather, winter or other reasons, they can get bored pretty quickly, or get lazy.
You do NOT want a bored pig! A bored pig is a mischievous pig!!!
The Pet Pig Busy Ball offers a great way for your pig to get exercise while keeping him occupied. Instead of putting the pig chow in his bowl put it in the Busy Ball and watch the fun begin.
And, the Busy Ball is virtually indestructible to a pet pig!!
You can pour small pig treats or food in the large opening at the top (click small pic on left to see larger picture) of the Busy Ball and when your pet pig rolls the ball around, food falls out of the smaller holes scattered around the ball. We have pointed two of these holes out in the larger picture.
These Pet Pig Busy Balls will keep your pet pig happy and thinking they are a pig in heaven when treats just continually pour out!
The Busy Balls are made to work with small treats, like pig chow, or something similar. If you want to increase the amount of food that falls out, you can add more "treat holes" if you like by drilling a few more holes in various areas, or you can increase the size of the existing holes.
Click on this link to see Ziggy playing with his Pet Pig Busy Ball
Busy Balls are about 9 1/2" in height. to purchase this pig busy ball please visit:


  1. That is a great toy/motivator!

    There is a similar toy for rabbits that is egg shaped (weighted on the bottom) and they get to knock / box with it.